Northpoint Shopping Centre Waterpark

Northpoint Shopping Centre Waterpark

“Catch the Wave at Northpoint Shopping Centre’s New Waterpark!”

The Northpoint City Playground, on the roof terrace of the mall’s North Wing is an outstanding FREE outdoor playground. Known simply as The Playground, it is separated into two zones – a little dry playground, and a water park.

Mall in the North

What have you been doing up north if you haven’t visited the freshly redeveloped Northpoint City in Yishun?

Made comprised of two retail wings – North Wing (which was originally Northpoint Shopping Mall) and South Wing – Northpoint City in the heart of Yishun currently boasts a combined retail space of more than 500,000 square feet.

Located just north of Singapore, Northpoint City is a popular shopping and dining destination. It also has Sunshine Childhood Playland, one of our favourite indoor playgrounds.

Wet and Wild at The Northpoint City Playground

The playground in Northpoint City may be reached by escalator or elevator on the fourth level.

Shopping mall playground in Northpoint City

The water play area is the first thing you’ll notice as you come through the doors, and I was adequately pleased, to say the least. (I also performed a little happy jig inside knowing where I’d be a lot more with my kid!)

Northpoint playground

When my daughter and I got there, children from the nearby pre-school were already having a wet and wild time playing in the shade which I considered a really considerate addition. Sure, it’s nice frolicking in the water while the sun bores down, but I’d want the option of keeping her out of the heat when it becomes way too hot!

In the shadow of the water play area are ship-shaped troughs of water, and a water shooter that reminded me of a certain type of bladeless fan. No less entertaining than the main play area and with loads of space to run about in.

Northpoint City water playground

The primary frame of The Playground’s water play area stands loud and proud in the centre of the roof terrace and is made up of slides, water shooters, water jets, and a big water dunker. My kid made a beeline for the first slide she lay eyes on, and up and down she went, repeatedly! I had to tell her to be cautious since the stairs and platforms are particularly slippery when wet.

Playing at the Northpoint playground

Splash pads were a hit with her and the other toddlers, who enjoyed racing through them and standing in the water jets that shot out of the ground. A second set of young boys sat courageously and calmly in anticipation of the grand finale while the giant water dunker was filled. Observing them made me want to be in my bathing suit!

Woodland-themed Outdoor Play

My daughter spent some time in the hidden dry play area at the far end of The Playground when it was time to dry off. There’s neither a slide nor a ball pit here; simply a few fibreglass woodland-themed constructions — a tree, a grasshopper, a ladybird, a caterpillar, and a butterfly – on standard rubber mulch flooring.

The smaller children may enjoy playing hide-and-seek in these structures since they aren’t yet old enough to enjoy the water play area, but parents and guardians should be aware that the buildings may get rather hot to the touch.

The Whole Family Will Have a Ball

With Sunshine Childhood Playland in the South Wing, and The Playground in the North Wing, there truly is something for the entire family at Northpoint City. Why drag unwanted parties – like spouse and children – shopping, when you can simply release them into the play areas!


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