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Northshore Plaza

Northshore Plaza Singapore

Everything You Should Know About Northshore Plaza

Northshore Plaza, the first waterfront New Generation Neighbourhood Center to be established in an HDB estate, is situated in the center of Punggol Eco-Northshore Town’s District and provides locals with a distinctive waterfront shopping experience. It includes a grocery store, food court, dining establishments and stores, a daycare facility, and enrichment facilities.

It gets built around a vast network of public areas and parks in addition to business establishments. The residential blocks, the Samudera LRT station, and Northshore Plaza are all connected invisibly by the community spine. This naturally ventilated passageway connects the public green to Punggol Promenade and offers easy and protected access to the waterfront.

Northshore Plaza Restaurant

The shops at Northshore Plaza


Giant, a multi-product supermarket, is a well-known place for many people to stock their pantry with fresh and canned ingredients and other household essentials like cleaning supplies. Because this store is open round-the-clock, purchasing things is much more convenient.

Anytime Fitness

It’s simple to fit in a workout thanks to the island’s numerous outlets available 24/7. All the necessary apparatus is available at this Anytime Fitness location in Northshore Plaza for a satisfying exercise. Static gym space with several machines and a circuit-style workout area.


Northern Singapore is home to the first Decathlon experience store. The brand’s second duplex store, measuring 4,200 square meters and situated on levels one and Two of Northshore Plaza I, will feature 19 test and innovation zones, its first-ever Instagrammable mural, and more.

Clipper Barber

A classic barbershop with a contemporary makeover is Clippers Barber. Customers of all ages may unwind here and take advantage of the barbers’ clean cuts & trademark fades while receiving a professional grooming service.

Nippon Home

Discover Singapore’s first and only spa with a safari theme. Customers can decompress to the soft humming of tropical birds while relaxing and indulging their senses in signature spa services inspired by Mother Nature, surrounded by the lushness of a Safari refuge.

Masego Safari Spa

At Singapore’s first and only safari-themed spa, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and treat yourself to a much-needed break. Before treating yourself to a short message or the ginseng gua sha facial, you’ll get met by massage therapists dressed in tropical attire. 

Food at Northshore Plaza

Northshore Plaza offers a variety of dining alternatives. F&B establishments with Coffee Bean and Tealeaf, McDonald’s, BlackBall, Fun Toast, and others get located in some stores.

Northshore Plaza 

Additional amenities at Northshore Plaza

In addition to having business establishments, Northshore Plaza gets built around a vast network of public spaces and parks. The mall is incredibly airy due to the abundance of open spaces. There is a little green area where people can sit and enjoy fresh air in the mall center.

The adjoining apartment buildings and the Samudera LRT station provide easy access for community visitors to Northshore Plaza. A naturally ventilated walkway connecting Northshore Plaza II to Punggol Promenade will run beside the green and offer easy and protected access to the waterfront. At Northshore Plaza II, other establishments like Daiso, Cheers, and even Apex Veterinary Clinic get anticipated to open.

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