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All you need to know about the Oikos Christian Church

The main goal of Renewal Christian Church is to facilitate at-home discipleship. We hope you will find it helpful in learning Christian doctrine and strengthening your faith in Jesus whether you read it as part of family activity, a mealtime conversation, or if you use it alone.”Have a complete devotion to the Lord, your God, with all of your heart, soul, and strength. These instructions I give you today are to engrave on your hearts. Make an impression on your kids. Talk about them while you are sitting at home, walking down the street, lying in bed, and when you are standing up.This text beautifully illustrates the family unit and reveals God’s desire for at-home discipleship. God’s original tiny group was the family. The Oikos Christian Church hopes one tool gets used to carrying out God’s plan for generational discipleship.

Values of Oikos:


Our identity and mission get centered on Jesus. In every circumstance, we aim to present a crystal-clear, scriptural understanding of the deity and activity of Jesus. The Oikos Christian Church aspire to be a community of Christians who disciple one another to live Christ-Centered lives.


Each believer has received the Holy Spirit as a gift from God to equip them to carry out His purpose. We entirely depend on the Spirit for direction, conviction, comprehension, and joy. We strive to walk in the Spirit as He revivifies and fills us from the inside out.


The grace of God is our business card in the world. In Jesus, God graciously met our deepest needs. Therefore, as we spread His grace, we strive to be generous people, meeting one another’s and our community’s needs.


God created marriage and family as the fundamental pillars of civilization. We place a high priority on families and make investments in parenthood, marriage, and children. God connects the lonely with a family of faith through the church so that we can all feel the love, acceptance, and sense of belonging we were all created to have.

Zoom Ministries:

We have used ZOOM and other online platforms to create or relaunch several ministries. You can send emails to each of the ministry leaders and get them listed in the description of each organization.

  • The Men’s Oikos Group meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. It is an opportunity for guys to learn from God’s Word and develop as a community of men. Pastor Oscar is the group’s leader.
  • Wednesdays at 6 o’clock are Jesus & Jammies. It will be a weekly ZOOM event where Taylor (the elementary director) and the elementary students will engage in virtual activities, enjoyable games, Bible study, and socializing.
  • Oikos Groups: Weekly get-togethers on various days and at different hours. Whether you’re new to UCC or have been coming for a while, getting involved in an Oikos Group will be crucial to your ability to live in the community, serve the community, and make friends.

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