one-north MRT

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one-north MRT

one north mrt station singapore

Know about the one-north MRT station

one-north MRT Station (CC23) is an underground station on the Circle Line (CCL) 4Stage, located within the One-North planned subzone. It is within the one-north business park, which was for the R&D and excessive generation cluster, and includes biological sciences, information and communication technology (ICT), and media sectors. The station has the architecture exercise Aedas. The station gets its name from the one-north business park, Singapore’s range being (just over) one degree north of the equator. The one-north MRT station is in the basement of Fusionopolis, a research and development complex that includes retailers and serviced apartments. It is also the only station in Singapore with a phone number that begins with a lowercase letter.

one north mrt station


Work on the project began on March 12 of this year. The name one-north derives from Singapore’s location one degree north of the equator and the station’s proximity to various Quaternary businesses like Biopolis and Fusionopolis. However, it is also between Portsdown Road and Ayer Rajah Avenue, not near Mediapolis.

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Two platforms are in an island platform arrangement at the one-north station. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the underground environment by full-height platform screen doors, boosting passenger safety and station comfort. The platform level is linked to the waiting level one story above through escalators, stairs, and an elevator. The platforms and walkways are bathed in natural light thanks to an enormous central atrium and skylight, providing a large internal area that offers the sensation of spaciousness. The tactile floor guides visually challenged passengers from the platform to the station exits.

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A: Ayer Rajah Avenue, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Aldersgate Methodist Church, Anglo-Chinese School, Fairfield Methodist Primary School, 

B: Portsdown Road  

C: Fusionopolis

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The Concourse on Basement 2 includes automatic fare collecting entrance doors and connects the toll and non-toll portions of the station, with at least one two-way swing door for the convenience of passengers with wheelchairs, those transporting objects, or those traveling with baby carriages.

General ticket machines sell single and multi-journey tickets, contactless card transactions, and top-up machines. The one-north MRT station office serves as the Passenger Service Center, where travelers may make travel queries.

Fusionopolis also has a fully integrated lobby level (B2). Underground entrances go to the basements of the Connexis and Galaxy buildings. These link to the rest of the Fusionopolis construction. Retail stores, as well as other Fusionopolis businesses, are placed in unpaid portions of the lobby.

This trip represents the operating period of the Mass Rapid Transit system. Commuters’ everyday travels are by linear zigzag pieces flowing dance-like across time. The changing backdrop colors of magenta, cyan, pink, orange, green, and black create the sense of time passing. When viewed as a whole, each of the three panels resembles a time-lapse film or photograph of passengers boarding the train to their destination: getting off the train to work, lunch, work break up, and coming home.

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