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Did You Know About The One-north Park: Biopolis?

One-north Park is a 16-hectare park that spans the whole length of one-north and is a significant component of JTC’s vision for one-north, which aims to create a work-live-play-learn ecosystem. It will act as an integrated green connection connecting developments such as Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis, and the one-north MRT station completed. one-north Park: Biopolis is a 3.24-hectare park adjacent to Biopolis on mountainous terrain. It is for working, playing, and living populations of one north, and it is home to a variety of spectacular trees and shrubs.

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Biopolis in One-North Park A quiet and comfortable escape for the working, playing, and living communities of lush and spectacular trees and bushes.

About One-north Park

One-north Park: Biopolis greets visitors and the many high-rise offices and residences in the area with a stunning kaleidoscope of colors, with various species of majestic Ficus trees and large areas of purple (Lorapetalum chinense) and green (Osmoxylon lineare) shrubs carpeting its gently rolling grounds.

Families and friends can exercise and eat on the open lawns and plazas, surrounded by lush flora and the calming sounds of the waterfall. There is also an outdoor fitness area in the area. Alternatively, get the hilltop plaza shelter’ a big Ficus benghalensis tree in the Park’s splendor.

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Biopolis of one-north Park – Most Accessible with the ONLY Playground

The easiest way to reach the Park via public transportation is to use the Buona Vista MRT. As you walk past the Ministry of Education Building and towards the greenery, you’ll notice the large “one-north Park” sign. One-north Park – Rochester locates across the street. You climb the hill, benches, exercise zones, and the NTU Alumni Club building at the summit. Because of the hilly topography, we believe this section of One North Park is ideal for joggers and kids riding scooters.

The Saturn plaque locates in the Park. It is part of the “Our Solar System” series, which may be found throughout the island to compare distances. As you climb the hill, you’ll reach the Hilltop is home to towering Ficus trees, commonly known as Banyan trees. Take a moment to relax and take in the panoramic vista of the Buona Vista region while being shaded by the towering trees. The ficus trees are lovely and must have taken a long time to reach their current size. As you the slope, you’ll notice a massive water wall, which was closed when we visited. You can get to the playground by either the stairs or downward slopes.

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The meaning of the name one north stems from Singapore’s location one degree north of the equator. The one-north MRT station was initially named ‘Portsdown’ as part of the study. ‘one-north,’ ‘Portsdown,’ and ‘Ayer Rajah’ were among the alternatives. In the end, in January 2006, one north chose.

On March 12 of that year, construction began. Station Stages 4 and 5 of the Circle Line opened on October 8, 2011. Families and friends can exercise and eat on the open lawns and plazas, surrounded by lush flora and the calming sounds of the waterwall. There is also a playground for children in the area.

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