Palm View Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Palm View Primary School

Palm View Primary School Logo

Guide to know about Palm View Primary School

Palm View Primary School’s objective is to provide all kids with a student-centered, values-driven and comprehensive education. In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world and environment, they provide meaningful life experiences for kids, both inside and beyond the classroom, that will instill values and competencies that will serve them well to navigate life.

Students can explore and develop their interests and abilities, engage in deep learning, and apply what they learned in real-world contexts to make a difference in their areas of passion in Palm View Primary School. Students can experience the Joy of Learning, which will lead to deeper learning and mastery and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning.

Meta Description

Palm View Primary School is a Government, Co-ed, and Single Session session school in Singapore. Curious Minds, Caring Hearts, and Creative Spirits are their goals for students.

Distinctive Programmes and services

ACT-cellence Education through Drama

Its goal is to help them improve and enrich their English and mother-tongue learning. The Little Theatre performances at the end of the program allow students to show off their talents to their parents. Drama is employed in the Palm View Primary School Programme for Active Learning (PAL) to teach values and SEL competencies outside of the formal curriculum (PAL-Drama).

Palm View Challenge

It is a 6-year school-wide program that builds children’s life skills and values via various learning experiences. Students at all levels get challenged to perform different tasks, all of which get planned to help them develop desirable 21st-century character qualities.

Artizenry Project

It assists the child in comprehending the social and cultural framework in which they live. Students collaborate with the Yellow Ribbon Project to employ theatre tactics to make meaning of concerns and then create artwork as advocates to raise awareness and cash for the cause.

Events Conducted

  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • EL Fest
  • Fun Scientist
  • Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations
  • International Friendship Day
  • Learning is Fun Carnival
  • National Day Celebrations
  • MT Little Theatre
  • PSLE Engagement
  • Learning Journeys
  • Adventure Camp
  • Walk-a-Jog
  • Racial Harmony Day

School Crest

The emblem, a center torch, an open book, and a victory laurel capped with a burning flame represents the school’s objectives.

The torch symbolizes the school’s confidence in each individual’s potential as a light bearer. Each of us is unique, with the ability to learn, grow, and succeed while simultaneously being a positive force. The school’s dedication to developing 21st-century literacies and competencies in every child, symbolized by the open book, is based on this philosophy. The laurel, widely used as an Olympic triumph symbol, represents the school’s commitment to educational achievement and comprehensive education. The school’s ambition to inspire both teachers and students in the hopes that they can become inspirations for others gets symbolized by a burning flame, which represents light and truth. ‘Inspiring Excellence’ is the school’s motto, written across the central torch.

The colors orange and green get chosen for this logo to represent youth, courage, and vigor, all of which are attributes that the school hopes its pupils will possess.

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