Parc Esta is price attractively from $17xx psf !

Parc Esta Condo Price

MCL holds a 99 year least over Parc Esta condo.


They purchased it in 2017 for a much as 766 million dollars.


Estimated price of condos per square foot per plot ratio is 909 dollars.


However, if we take into consideration the marketing price of around 500 dollars psf, the predicted break-even price is up to 1460 dollars psf. Also see the Parc Esta Strategic location


All of this leads us to the conclusion that the average selling price will be between 1700 dollars and 1750 dollars.

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Parc Esta Condo Price Table

TypeSize (sqft)Net PricePSF
1BR(Type A1)420$698,000$1,662
1BR(Type A2)452$758,000$1,677
1 Bedroom + STUDY517$888,000$1,718
2 Bedroom581$988,000$1,701
2 Bedroom Premium700$1,148,000$1,640
2 Bedroom + STUDY829$1,278,000$1,542
3 Bedroom904$1,378,000$1,524
3 Bedroom + STUDY958$1,478,000$1,543
3 Bedroom Premium1023$1,548,000$1,513
4 Bedroom1119$1,758,000$1,571
4 Bedroom Premium1227$1,888,000$1,539
5 Bedroom w PL1399$2,218,000$1,585


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