Parish Of Christ Church

Parish Of Christ Church

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The sixth parish church on the property, the current Christ Church Parish Church, was constructed in 1935. Old structures get severely damaged by natural disasters in the past, such as floods, fires, and storms. The first parish church building was built close to Dover Beach in 1629. When the church flooded in 1669, coffins and human bones from the church cemetery were scattered across the beach, damaging the building. The hurricane of 1780 destroyed the next church that gets built. Another Parish Church was constructed in 1786 and destroyed by the 1831 hurricane. Then, in 1935, a fire destroyed the new church. The Parish Of Christ Church is well-known for having the infamous Chase Vault in its churchyard, where it gets rumored that coffins strangely wander around inside the locked vault. The vault can currently see by visitors at the church location.


The church gets established on October 18, 1940, and survived World War 2 despite sustained damage from artillery shelling. With the Lord’s Blessings, about 79 years later, 600 believers are presently present at the six Sunday services. We offer Tamil, Punjabi, Contemporary Bilingual (English & Tamil), English, and Malayalam services to cater to various Indian sub-groups. Additionally, Parish Of Christ Church provides outreach evangelistic services to Indian immigrants working in the maritime and construction industries.

Our Team:

  • Rev Canon Steven Asirvatham- Vicar
  • Pastor Byju Samuel-pastoral Worker
  • Pastor Moses Ajay-pastoral Worker
  • Rev Edison Nesakumar Wilson-priest
  • Pastor Theodore Samraj-pastoral Worker
  • Sister Esther Kalarani-office Secretary


Every Sunday, the Parish of Christ Church offers six services to accommodate its large and multilingual congregation.

Tamil Service:

A choir procession follows the call to worship and the opening hymn in the Tamil service. After the Bible reading, the absolution, the confessional prayers, and the prayers of punishment, there follows a period of praise and worship. It gets followed by the gospel reading.

Punjabi Service:

Every Sunday, the Punjabi service is held in both Punjabi and Hindi.

Contemporary Service:

We are a bilingual organization that offers services in both Tamil and English. The worship style is charismatic and contemporary. Holy Communion gets held on the first Sunday of each month. After the service, there is a lunchtime gathering for camaraderie.

English Service:

We serve all racial groups in the English-speaking community, and The worship is a synthesis of liturgical and modern styles. Holy Communion gets observed on the first and third Sundays of each month. Following the service, there is a time for fellowship over tea.

Malayalam Service:

An in-language worship service called the Malayalam Service offers at Christ Church.


There were just 5 IFTM brothers present when the Indian Friends Tamil Ministry get established in February 2000. The IFTM ministry has completed 20 years and begun its 21st year. Holy Communion gets celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. Following the service, there is an opportunity for socializing over food.

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