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Panjang Pasir The Tamil Methodist Church (MC) was founded in 1927 along Alexandra Road at Brickworks. It runs by laypeople who felt compelled to help the Indian migrant labourers. The Pasir Panjang Tamil Methodist Church relocated to the late Rev Daniel’s house on Pasir Panjang Road in 1972. That served as the location for our Sunday School, regular services, and even our Vacation Bible School for the following four years. Over time we expand demand for a permanent structure increased. God aided us in 1976 by using the General Conference to buy a plot property on Wishart Road. A second level constructed in 1986 as we continued to expand and experience the blessings of God.

Youth Ministry

The Pasir Panjang Tamil Methodist Church youth have been actively participating in church ministries. The majority of them participate in the Sunday worship session by setting up the worship slides and providing support vocalists and musicians. They go with the WSCS on visits to nursing homes as well. They meet to study the Bible on the second Sunday of each month. We pray that they will continue to develop a more robust network of lay leadership and mentors for the future.

Outreach Teck Whye

The sixth year of the Teck Whye Ministry has just ended. We now have enough volunteers to lead the worship service Methodist Church of the Incarnation in their rooms for the Sunday service. By His grace, we have witnessed lives transformed, sins absolved, and the birth of His offspring glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ. Four baptism services have held so far, the most recent being in February. Despite all the difficulties, this increase keeps our volunteers inspired.


The church charged with announcing and making known God’s Kingdom. A group visited Myanmar on a missionary trip last year. The team saw that there were a lot of kids around the Dhalla area. Plans made to assist the local church teachers in carrying out their responsibility as Christ’s shepherds by fostering faith in children’s hearts while they are still young.

Baptist Men

Every third Sunday of the month, the Methodist Men’s Fellowship gathers for a time of fellowship, prayer, and sharing of testimonies. The men now get to meet their life stories offer encouragement.

Fellowship of Women

Among all the church ministries, the women’s ministry is the busiest. They participate in various events and missions throughout the year, both inside the church and in our neighbourhood. They usually go to areas like Choa Chu Kang’s MWS Bethany Nursing Home. Some of the ministries in which they have actively participated include conversing with the elderly and providing food.

Providing Healing

The fourth Sunday of the month designated a healing service. After the service, those who require prayer invited forward to pray privately.

All we can do when we reflect on the years is thank God for all the blessings He has showered upon us.

Social Issues

The members of our Social Concerns Committee have been making friends with the neighbours who live close to the church and enticing them to take in church activities. Additionally, they offer short-term financial aid to deserving families nominated by churchgoers. To provide a listening ear, offer guidance on possible financial aid, and bless with presents of daily necessities, home visits made to the poor and needy families designated by the Methodist Welfare Services.

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