Peiying Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Peiying Primary School

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Various Key Programs Offered in Peiying Primary School

The concept that every child may learn, progress, and fulfill their potential to become a productive citizen is the foundation of Peiying Primary School’s teaching and learning philosophy.

The character leaders’ development, engaged and resilient learners, and compassionate citizens are at the heart of the Peiying educational philosophy. Peiying Primary School seeks out children’s abilities and works to help them reach their best potential. Each child is valued for who they are and is encouraged to develop and thrive. The school emphasizes character development and the instillation of values such as honesty, respect, and caring for others around them.

Meta Description

Peiying Primary School, formerly known as Poi Eng Public School, is one of the oldest schools, located on Yishun Ring Road, near Khatib MRT, Singapore.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Project THINK (Thinking Holistic Innovative Networked Kids) for Home Earth since 2019

Project THINK for Home Earth focuses on environmental education and prepares kids in grades 1 through 6 for the future. It gets accomplished through empowering people to become environmentally literate persons aware of environmental challenges and how human decisions impact environment quality. Students will learn how to apply their environment knowledge to solve problems and has creative solutions as part of this program.

Code for Fun

P3 and P4 pupils complete a two-year, 20-hour Robotics curriculum. Primary 3 students begin studying the principles of computational thinking, while Primary 4 students continue with the program. Students can learn programming skills in a fun and engaging way with this application. Furthermore, it improves pupils’ logical reasoning, analytical skills, and data organization. The students’ project work incorporates the abilities they have learned.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

In 2014, they developed Sports, Character Development, and Adventure Learning Experiences@Peiying – SCALE@Peiying as a Learning for Life Programme, using the school’s strengths in Sports and Outdoor Education (LLP). It’s a six-year sports and outdoor education program that helps kids develop their character and values, establish positive attitudes, express themselves, and improve interpersonal skills via real-life practical learning. 

Celebration of Learning 

It is a platform for students to share their knowledge and demonstrate abilities like communication and collaboration, first built-in 2012. Furthermore, attitudes representing the school’s basic principles, taught and learned across all subject disciplines, can be demonstrated. It occurs after the fourth term.

Arts and Cultural Experience Programme (ACE)

The school-wide ACE program exposes students in grades P3 to P6 to Singapore’s rich cultural history. It gives kids various opportunities to learn more about our multiracial community and develop the Singapore Spirit. Children learn to respect our rich cultural history through activities ranging from learning to play in a kompang group to studying Chinese opera abilities.

Project Work

Project Work in Peiying is an integrated learning experience that allows students to synthesize information from multiple areas of study and apply it critically and creatively to real-world circumstances. This method, which broadens students’ knowledge and equips them with 21st-century skills such as cooperation, communication, and self-directed learning, prepares them for lifetime learning and the challenges in this rapidly changing environment. 

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