Playground at Hortpark

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All you need to know about the HortPark

HortPark is a complete garden resource center in a park setting that together garden-related, recreational, instructional, research, and retail activities under one big canopy. It also functions as a plant and garden information center, giving planting ideas and solutions and a forum for the horticulture sector to discuss best practices and display garden designs, goods, and services. Playground at Hortpark is popular with gardeners, families, and community organizations searching for a peaceful place to unwind. And wildlife enthusiasts who enjoy exercising along the Southern Ridges.

Playground at Hortpark

Meta Description:

HortPark is a 9-hectare park and garden in Singapore’s southwest. It opened in December 2007, but Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did not officially open it until May 10, 2008.


Patch of Garden:

A key feature of Playground at Hortpark consists of forty outdoor display plots featuring lawn designs, concepts, items, and ideas on household gardening.

A Garden of Herbs and Spices:

You can learn about the traditional medicinal and culinary uses of various plants and spices found in Singapore. Learn how to grow your herbs and spices!

The Silver Garden:

A collection of silver, gray, and white-hued plant life evokes a history of inexperienced dominated terrain. It is peaceful during the day and exceedingly strange at night.

Roof Green:

It features unique variations of novice roof architecture and plant life suitable for novice roof planting.

The Golden Garden:

Adding visual contrast to the Silver Garden and letting plant life disseminate warm temperatures across the surroundings.


Come to purchase gardening-related items and services! A one-stop lawn center aimed at providing guests with an in-depth purchasing experience. HortMart, like others. It offers value-added services like product statistics and landscaping assistance.

A Labyrinth of Bamboo:

A bamboo grove gets surrounded by a circular walkway. It is an ideal spot for guests who want a peaceful space for self-meditation and personal introspection.

Flora’s Walk:

A view of HortPark offers a pleasant walkaway filled with lush flowering plant life.

Playground at Hortpark Gorilla

Garden for Recycling:

Provision of ideas for visitors on trashed items into useful household yard accessories and others.

Fruit Trees and Vegetable Gardens:

You should be able to observe a variety of tiny to medium-sized fruit trees growing in bins or near a small household lawn. Begin by attempting to grow your tomatoes, watermelons, or gourds. It provides anybody with an instructive, visible, and delectable experience.


GardenTech, a biennial garden carnival presenting the latest in gardening and landscaping technology tools, goods, and services, was held at HortPark in 2007 and 2009. The festival featured both domestic and international exhibitors.

Other Activities:

HortPark also provides a variety of other National Park Service projects. Community in Bloom (CIB), which encourages community gardening, and The Living Wall, a research initiative by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the National University of Singapore, and NParks, are two examples. Vertical vegetation systems get depicted in “The Living Wall.” HortPark also holds six research greenhouses for the future Gardens by the Bay. HortPark also acts as a satellite campus for the Center for Urban Vegetation and Ecology (CUGE), is overseen by the Department of Industrial Development, and is part of NParks.

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