Playground at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park

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Guide to know about the Playground at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park

Seletar Aerospace Park began as a British Royal Air Force installation in 1923. Numerous black and white colonial homes get built to house RAF troops and their families. The Oval, a lifestyle enclave with various restaurants, spas, and stores, has preserved and refurbished these. Wheeler’s Estate and Summerhouse are two popular restaurants in the region, and there are plenty of other family-friendly activities. So, let’s look at what makes Playground at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park a fantastic family destination for your next weekend outing!

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Things To Do at Seletar Aerospace Park:

Go Plane Spotting beside Seletar Airport:

The Seletar Airspace gets located on the outskirts of the Seletar Aerospace Park, near the Hyde Park gate. The lengthy promenade parallel to Seletar Airport is accessible to strollers and wheelchairs and is a beautiful site to see private jets and hangers. The planes may admire from afar thanks to the numerous small benches that resemble origami paper airplanes positioned along the manicured promenade. 

Playground at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park Singapore

Visit Hampstead Wetlands Park:

The 3.23-hectare Hampstead Wetlands Park is a green oasis and an excellent site to see as part of a visit to the Playground at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park. The park, which used to be marshland, has been rehabilitated and now features a garden, pond, and birdwatching observation platforms. Enjoy nature up close at the viewing decks while strolling along the gorgeous boardwalk, and keep an eye out for various unusual plants and creatures.

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Stroll or scoot along the Seletar Reservoir:

Lower Seletar Reservoir is not far from Seletar Aerospace Park. Walking along the boardwalks and wooden viewing platforms is possible. A large children’s water play area with water jets and fountains is located farther down the path for little ones to cool off. 

Playground at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park

Enjoy the Open Space:

The restaurants and buildings get surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of open space for families to enjoy. These open spaces get commonly used for outdoor movie screenings and other activities before the creation of Covid. A stroll around Seletar Aerospace Park, on the other hand, is a lovely peaceful way to start or end your stay before or after lunch at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood.

Play at the Aviation-themed Playground:

Between Wheelers Estate and The Summerhouse is a fantastic aviation-themed playground, which is a perfect location for the kids to play while waiting for their dinner to arrive! It has two separate play spaces for toddlers and older children. A colorful propeller plane play structure and an air traffic control tower with slides can find in the main play area.

What Should You Bring to Seletar Aerospace Park?

Depending on your plans, you may want to bring a picnic mat and other picnic materials. Otherwise, we strongly advise you to bring mosquito repellant (even if you expect to eat indoors) and plenty of water (especially if you are going to the play areas). If you’re going to an outdoor playground, wet wipes, a small towel, and a change of clothes will come in handy the kids can clean up and change after themselves.

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