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The PORT OF LOST WONDER, Singapore’s first kids’ club on Palawan Beach, is centred on a pirate ship waterpark. Curio Coins, a virtual currency, is provided for the children to spend as they see fit for the many games and activities they will be participating in.

Here’s what the lads and I got up to at Port of Lost Wonder…

PORT OF LOST WONDER Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island

  • Operating Hours: 10.00am to 6.30pm everyday (Water Play Area shuts at 6pm) (Water Play Area closes at 6pm)
  • Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. *Last order at 8.30pm \s10am to 9.30pm (Fri – Sat) *Last order at 9pm
  • You receive 50 curio coins + Port Pass for S$10/child on weekdays, and 100 curio coins + Port Pass for S$15/child on weekends.

Port of Lost Wonder includes 5 major areas: the Pirate Ship waterpark, Curiosity Island garden, Celebration Island for birthday parties, The Deck eating area, and the Hatch Patch for the small ones. Children between the ages of three and ten are encouraged to use the water play area. No footwear, food, and beverages are permitted inside the water play area. Children must be dressed appropriately for the water, including in swimming diapers.

Sentosa Offers a Wide Range of Exciting 

Only in Sentosa’s Palawan Beach did we find what we were looking for. The Port of Lost Wonder, Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach, is a water park, activity centre and adventure area all wrapped into one. The focus here is on the youngest members of the family, but everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun and rediscover their childlike joy.

Explore, Play and Learn

Designed by a consultant with extensive expertise in child development and creative programming for educators, POLW programmes are an all-encompassing experience centred on Connection, Independence, Curiosity, Wonder and Simplicity.

Here are 8 things you and your kid may do at POLW.

1. A Day Full Of Play And Fun

Start the morning with Capture the Flag! The destiny of the Pirate Ship hangs in the children’s hands as they embark on a treasure quest to help launch the Ship.

In between, Boogie and shimmy to the rhythm of the POLW Boogie. A time to let your inhibitions run free, urge your youngster to show off their finest funky, groovy, joyful dancing movements. Mommies and Daddies, don’t shy away as everyone are invited to perform the Boogie.

In the afternoon, Play hide-and-seek, toss beach balls into the air. Hold on to the Playchute tight! With a touch of creativity, explore the simplicity of playing with a giant parachute and beach balls.

Get a blast from the past with classics like Hopscotch, Zero Point, Chaptek and more old games! Nothing but pure, unadulterated joy in the absence of any kind of electronic intrusion.

2. Bubble Party

The Port of Lost Wonder is having a bubble party.

A foamtastic sanctuary for youngsters where they may experience the magic of playing with hundreds of bubbles! From sculpting artistic bubble sculptures to constructing a quirky foam hair-do, it’s unlimited effervescent fun!

3. Planks and Pots

Nurture the nature-lover in your kid here as they learn about the numerous uses of plants. There will be a POLW Wonder Crew on hand to help youngsters pot their own plants and colour their own flowers.

4. Telling a Story

Be captivated as the Wonder Crew creates a storey to be remembered from POLW’s library of carefully chosen books. Children will get a chance to be a star as they are encouraged to portray the narrative.

5. Go Wild

Take a walk in the woods with a variety of wild creatures and see how they make a living. All your young one’s eager inquiries may be addressed when they encounter the friendly animals up close and personal.

6. Astonishing Craft

Using discarded materials or unique pieces, children can discover the magic of making their own art works from scratch in this hands-on exercise.

7. Have a Themed Birthday Party

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Invite his or her pals to POLW for a splash-tastic birthday celebration! There are four distinct themes for children to chose from: Wet n Wild, Aloha, Pirates and Princess.

8. Replenish and Re-energize

Re-energize at the POLW Restaurant, Port Belly. Your taste buds are in for a treat with their scrumptious cuisine comprising of savoury soups, pasta and pizza, and drool-worthy desserts. Want to enjoy a different eating experience? You may get a unique picnic kit from Port Belly.

Is it time to restock your child’s swimsuits and beachwear? Pop by Just Wonder and check out their edutainment toys and games, and get uber-exclusive clothes, beachwear, stationery, bags and other gifts.

Child Ticket Prices:

  • *$10 for weekday (includes 50 Curios) \s*$15 for weekend (includes 100 Curios) (includes 100 Curios)
  • Accompanying adults enter free with a hug from their youngster!
  • Annual Membership: \s$120 per kid (Unlimited entrance to POLW for a year & additional privileges) (Unlimited admission to POLW for a year & other benefits)


Send an email to guest services@sentosa.com.sg.

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Twitter: @Sentosa Island

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Official Website: http://www.sentosa.com.sg/

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