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Renting Vs. Buying a House. Which One is Better?

Renting Vs Buying a House. Which One is Better?Introduction One of the most common discussions about real estate in family and friends' parties is the eternal debate between buying and renting a house. Is it more interesting to buy or rent a principal residence? This...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Condo

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Condo.Introduction It’s obvious that whatever someone wants to invest his wealth in is very sensitive. Many questions emerge, as someone would like to know how helpful a property will be in his/her life. Such questions are: what...

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Singapore Saving Bonds

Your Most Essential Guide of Singapore saving bonds (SSB) in 2019IntroductionAmong investors, we can all agree that Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) is one of the most common ways to invest your money and get higher returns when compared to bank fixed deposits. The...

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Truth about Singaporean high-speed rail of 2019

Everything you need to know for High Speed Rail Singapore 2019 EditionIntroductionI think we can all agree that transport connectivity between Singapore and Malaysia has affected a lot of us. The highly anticipated high-speed rail from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is set...

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CPF Retirement Sum

Ultimate Guide To CPF Retirement Sum Scheme & Withdrawal RulesIntroductionNow we are sure that most of you are going to agree that the CPF Retirement Sum is something that everyone should have a clear understanding of, but would you believe me if we were to tell...

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Comprehensive Guideline On The Best Fibre Broadband

Comprehensive Guideline On The Best Fibre Broadband In Singapore- Get Full Value For Your MoneyAccording to recent statistics by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), about 84% of the Singaporean population is connected to the internet. The internet has become...

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Ultimate Guide to BSD & ABSD In Singapore

Ultimate Guide to BSD & ABSD In Singapore [Updated 2019]5 Points to help you better understand the new property tax ruling Purchasing a house is an exciting opportunity and a huge investment decision in your life. Whether you are investing by yourself or buying...

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