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Punggol 21 Community Club

Punggol 21 Community Club

A Guide to Punggol 21 Community Club Singapore

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave the Punggol 21 Community Club its official opening on Sunday, May 10. Facilities like Singpost, an HDB office, and a McDonald’s are available at the Punggol 21 Community Club. It is right next to Punggol Plaza and close to Tebing Lane and Punggol Point’s leisure facilities. The Punggol 21 Community Club also has a heritage gallery that chronicles the history of Punggol North, first built in 2001.

You may learn about the different classes Punggol 21 Community Club offers here.

Zumba Fitness

The Zumba name-brand program is the most well-known and well-liked Zumba offering. This dancing class incorporates high- and low-intensity intervals that help increase cardiovascular fitness while also boosting balance, coordination, agility, and to some extent, strength through beginner-accessible choreography.

Depending on the intensity, a participant in a Zumba class can burn up to 600 kcal in an hour. The dancing styles included in the song are cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, soca, samba, hip hop, axé, and tango.

PWRx: Cactus Candle Craft

For realistic house decoration, replicate your cactus into a candle! You can decorate your cacti with soy wax by using the exact molds provided. You may fool your friends and family by using these candles, which appear so Real!


Ballet is a style of performance dance that first appeared in the fifteenth century in Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Ballet evolved into a concert dance form in France and Russia. Since then, it has developed into a Common and highly technical dancing style with a unique vocabulary. The core techniques employed in many other dance genres and cultures get defined by ballet, which has had a significant global impact. Enrolling in this course will teach participants more about ballet technique, strong posture, and improved body coordination. Participants who want to pursue ballet as a pastime can benefit from this course.


Piloxing is for you if you’ve been seeking a quick approach to drop a few pounds and have been trying to do so. One of the exercise fads, piloxing, can help you burn 1200 calories an hour.

Piloxing is a standing Pilates and boxing hybrid. You get both physical and mental balance through this union. You will be boxing while wearing heavy gloves for a round of side jabs and subsequent leg lifts. Along with pilates and boxing, it is a well-liked training regimen that also incorporates a little bit of dancing. Your mornings will become super-charged, and your body will become toned and healthy. 

Requirements – purchase weight lifting gloves from the trainer for $45. (optional). training with no shoes. People who have had surgery wear athletic footwear. The trainer will offer to buy tips for grip socks.

Abacus Mental-Arithmetic (Int Stage 2)

The abacus will get used to teaching participants how to multiply and divide numbers. For division and multiplication, the course also covers “Mental Abacus.” Participants were required to complete the Basic level.

Chinese Abacus Mental Arithmetic (Advance Stage 4)

To solve more challenging amounts, participants will learn how to use the abacus and “Mental Abacus.” The course syllabus will be modified by how the class is doing and at what level.

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