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What to Know About Punggol Park

Punggol Park is a park in the Hougang neighborhood in Singapore’s north-eastern region. The park covers 16 hectares and has a 5-hectare lake. Due to the closeness of Paya Lebar Air Base, kite flying gets prohibited here. The park has two separate zones: the “Southern Active Zone,” which contains the amenities needed for main activities, and the “Passive Zone,” which is thickly forested and located north of the lake.

A park was planned for Hougang in November 1992, according to reports. Punggol Park gets named after the intersection of Hougang Avenues 8 and 10, chosen as the park’s location. The pond in Punggol Park is well-known, and many schools use it for their 1.6-kilometer runs. The pond was formerly quarried for sand to help restore Hougang’s various marshes, resulting in the current state of the pond.

Meta Description

Punggol Park is a simple spot to rest your feet, fill your tummy, and clear your thoughts, with a tranquil lake in the middle of the heartland.


Benches are strewn over the Punggol Park area, providing a resting spot for tired visitors. There is also a vending machine with various refreshments close to the public restrooms. There are two enormous pavilions with numerous benches ideal for large parties in the park’s center. A sculpture invites visitors to seek out a harmony tower, and a clock tower is just a few steps away. While sitting in the shade of the tree, see if you can spot these gorgeous birds in the lake. This bird guide will teach you about the different kinds of birds to watch for and their traits and qualities.


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Things to Do

Are you looking for a place where you may practice your green thumb? For those who want their own garden space, NParks offers allotment gardening sites. Each plot is a 2.5 m × 1 m raised planter bed that can get leased for a fee for three years. Punggol Park has sold out of allotment gardening plots.

Explore the magnificent North Eastern Riverine Loop in our Park Connector Network or go for leisurely cycling within Punggol Park.

Exercising and working out
Punggol Park is always bustling with people doing their thing. In the mornings, you can join us for qigong or Tai Ji. Take a jog or a brisk walk around the park’s 5-hectare pond if you want to work out. Low-impact 3-Generational workout equipment is also available in the park, which is suitable for people of all ages.

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Flora and Fauna
Keep an eye out for Taxodium distichum and Blighia sapida when strolling through Punggol Park. If you’re paying attention, you can spot Malayan Water Monitor Lizards and Collared Kingfishers.

By the skate shop, an inline skating class with zooming youngsters is taking place inside the park. The playground has numerous swings in the heart of the park. There is always something for everyone, especially children and small children. A foot reflexology trail is also available to help treat hurting feet. It is an ideal location for the elderly.

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