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by | May 27, 2022

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How The Punggol View Primary School Gives Values And Education?

Punggol View Primary School want our students to be confident learners and active citizens after six years of Education@Punggol View. Our values-based holistic education aims to provide a firm foundation for Punggol View Primary School pupils, which includes:

  • Developing character is necessary to nurture sound values.
  • Singapore is a place where one wants to grow as a citizen.
  • A lifetime journey, develop reading, numeracy, scientific, and life skills.

Meta Description

Punggol View Primary School aspires to develop the child in Punggol View by providing a values-based, holistic education. 


Developing character, knowledge and talents must supported by sound values. We believe that our pupils’ character defines their values. Our pupils’ views, characteristics, and actions shape them. Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, and Harmony are essential values for a person of excellent character and a helpful Singapore citizen. They serve as a guide for our students, assisting them in distinguishing between right and wrong, making responsible decisions, cultivating connections with their peers and others, and being more conscious of their roles in school, community, and Singapore. These principles are instilled in our students via Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) classes and reinforced through school-based programmes like LOVE (Living Out our Values Every day) in  Punggol View Primary School.

Curricular Objectives

To assist kids in developing their character now that they can shine as active citizens tomorrow. The 21st Century Competencies Framework relies heavily on CCE. It highlights the interconnectivity of core values, social and emotional competencies, civic literacy, global awareness, and cross-cultural abilities for our children’s character and citizenship development. The Character and Citizenship (CCE) Department at Punggol View Primary School prepares and oversees a wide range of programmes aimed at developing our pupils into people who “Do the Right Thing” (Moral Character) and “Give of Their Best” (Performance Character). As a result, students will develop into people of character who are active citizens with the school’s Vision – Confident Citizenship.

PGVP’s Love

LOVE (Living Our Values Everyday)@PGVP congratulates our students on doing the right thing and encourages others to do the same. Students are encouraged to learn and show school values through observable behaviours for each of the values listed on a Value Card. These children will then nominate their teachers to get a value badge. As moral exemplars, stories of important local and international “heroes or heroines” who have displayed these values taught. The lessons are delivered during CCE Lessons to provide students with tangible role models from which they can learn. We hope that the children live out the principles every day.

Sexuality Education.

In schools, Sexuality Education (SEd) aims to help students understand the physiological, social, and emotional changes that occur as they get older, build healthy and meaningful relationships, and make intelligent, educated, and responsible sexuality decisions during their formative years. Sexuality Education also attempts to help students build a moral compass, respect for themselves and others, and a moral compass based on the family as society’s basic unit. It entails promoting happy, heterosexual marriages and stable nuclear families with the help of extended family. The teaching and learning of SEd based on respect for the many ethnic and religious communities in Singapore’s values and beliefs on sexuality issues.

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