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Punggol Vista Community Centre

Punggol Vista Community Centre

Courses Found At Punggol Vista Community Centre

People can socialize, learn, and access essential services through community centers, which are significant hubs across the globe. Join the Punggol Vista Community Centre WEC, a group established in 2014 as a part of the Women’s Integration Network (WIN) Council in People’s Association.

Here you know the courses found at Punggol Vista Community Centre.

Boogie Bounce Xtreme for Kids

The Boogie Bounce Xtreme (BBX) event is fantastic, enjoyable, and funky! Everyone will have an efficient but pleasurable cardio session thanks to the training program on a mini trampoline with a safety bar and choreography set to popular music!


This session provides an introduction to the energizing sport of archery. Participants become familiar with its fundamental skills and the tools, safety protocols, and range of regulations. They also learn skills for managing their physiological movements and strategies for building the endurance and mental fortitude that are coveted qualities in the sport. People of all ages can watch the program.

Leapstart K2 English Preparation for Primary 1

Parents and students have given this program very positive reviews. It gets created by Mrs. Sarah Tan-Ng, a former primary school teacher with an RGS, RJC, and NUS education and NIE and Montessori training. This program aims to give children aged 5 to 6 fundamental reading and writing skills to prepare them for primary school. Primary 1 core subjects like spelling, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and creative writing get covered in the 40-lesson course. As each child is a unique individual, the lessons will get modified to meet the demands and learning pace of the pupils to maximize their learning potential.

Drones Workshop 1

Have you ever wished you knew how to fly a drone? Drones Workshop 1 lets you experience the thrills of drone flying!

You will get knowledge of fundamentals and drone safety. Learn the fundamentals of flying to execute amazing aerial acrobatics and take amazing aerial photos. Never has flying been so enjoyable or easy!

DIY Glue Cream Pencil Box

An eco-friendly, secure, and non-toxic substance is cream glue. It is a fake cream that resembles whipped cream but is inedible.

The DIY Creamy Pencil Box is bright and eye-catching in color, but it needs a lot of charming and intriguing decorations. The pencil box will be distinctive and alluring when these accessories get combined with fake cream! After a few hours of air drying, the finished piece will solidify; you can either keep it for yourself or give it as a Christmas gift to your best friend! 

Participants will gain whipped cream piping skills throughout the course, and they can express their creativity in a way that suits them. All participants will eventually develop into whipped cream piping masters, much like a cake decorator, by the end of the class.

Mix Media Painting and Slime Making

Utilize your creativity in a variety of ways with only one course! In this interactive event, you can learn how to create a slime that’s entertaining to play with or explore the art of mixed media painting as a way to express yourself.

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