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Queen Street Bus Terminal

Queen Street Bus Terminal Parking

All You Know About Queen Street Bus Terminal

The Queen Street Bus Terminal, formerly known as the Ban San Bus Terminal, is a bus stop situated along Queen Street and is bordered by Ban San Street, Arab Street, and Rochor Canal Road. This Queen Street Bus Terminal acts as a centralized termination point for regular bus services between Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


A Queen Street Bus Terminal gets situated in Rochor, surrounded by Queen Street, Ban San Street, Arab Street, and Rochor Canal Road. In addition to acting as a pick-up and drop-off location for private cross-border coach services, the terminal primarily serves as the endpoint for conventional bus lines that connect to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Transfers between the rail network and bus services are possible at the terminal because of its proximity to Bugis MRT Station on the East-West MRT Line and the Downtown MRT Line.

The station, which first opened in October 1985, features a single vehicular concourse area with an entrance on Ban San Street and exits that lead to Queen Street. Bus operator offices doubling as staff lounges and a boarding and alighting stop get located at the terminal.

Queen Street Bus Terminal Passenger

Queen Street Bus Station amenities

Even after many years of operation, the Queen Street Bus Terminal’s amenities are still comprehensive, up to date, and preserved in good condition for use by the general public. Within the bus station proper, the SBS Transit Office is operative. The bus park is close to other services with restrooms.

The Queen Street Bus Terminal offers a lengthy, covered waiting area for passengers to use as they wait for their buses. Along with queueing areas, there are numerous ticket booths for various bus companies. A bus park gets made available to bus operators to make it simpler for the bus drivers to park their vehicles without disturbing the patrons. Travelers can reserve a ride to their destination at the taxi service counter close to the bus station after arriving at the Queen Street Bus Terminal.

Top features:

  • Shelter for the line-up area
  • Washrooms
  • SBS Transit Office
  • Park buses
  • Ticket booths
  • Taxi services

How to Get to the Queen Street Bus Station

Other modes of public transit, like the conveniently located MRT services, make it possible to reach the Queen Street Bus Terminal. The Bugis MRT Station is the one most conveniently located for the bus terminal. Locals and tourists in Singapore can take the rail from the Bugis MRT Station and walk for 5 minutes to the bus terminal.

Queen Street Bus Terminal Service

Another choice is to take the MRT from Downtown Station, which takes around 14 minutes and have it stop at the Queen Street Bus Terminal. Travelers and residents of Singapore can take the MRT from the Tuas West Road MRT Station and arrive at the Queen Street Bus Terminal in less than an hour if they are coming from the island’s East side.

Popular Bus Routes

Bus from Queen Street Bus Terminal to Melaka and Genting Highlands are two frequently traveled routes from Singapore’s Queen Street Bus Terminal.

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