Queenstown Neighbourhood

by | Jun 8, 2022

Queenstown Neighbourhood

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Know All About Queenstown Neighborhood

Queenstown was the first satellite town in Singapore, developed in the 1950s and 1960s by the Singapore Improvement Trust and the Housing and Development Board. Queenstown, which used to be a vast swampy valley situated between a rubber plantation and a cemetery, is now home to a slew of gigantic residences and villas. The QUEENSTOWN neighborhood has many prestigious schools, including the National University of Singapore’s main campus, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), and Singapore Polytechnic.

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Meta Description

Queenstown is a planned area and a Satellite residential town in Singapore’s Central Region, located on the island’s southernmost outskirts.

Where to eat

The QUEENSTOWN neighborhood offers a range of delectable dishes from around the globe at various price points, ranging from inexpensive hawker food to upscale fine dining.

The costs in Queenstown are the only thing you can’t complain it. Everything, including food, is often inexpensive. Mei Ling Market and Alexandra Village Food Centre are two hawker markets that serve delicious local cuisine at low prices. In addition, retail malls such as Queensway Shopping Centre contain gastronomic gems such as Janggut Laksa.

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Is there a mall nearby?

In Queenstown, there are numerous shopping centers to choose from it. There is something for everyone elegant outfits or perfumes if you’re looking for low-cost shoes.

Queensway Shopping Centre attracts visitors from all across Singapore and even from outside. It has become one of Queenstown’s most recognizable tourist attractions. It has been in business since 1976 and is today best recognized for its low-cost shoes, sunglasses, and other sporting goods. Sneakerheads will discover a treasure mine of one-of-a-kind and specialized collector’s sneakers at low costs.

Any play activities?

Queenstown has its own Queenstown Sports Complex and Queenstown ActiveSG Stadium to enjoy if you enjoy sports. Every week, both locals and ex-pats gather to play their favorite sports. There is also a diving pool on site. Those who consider themselves more cerebral can visit Margaret Drive’s Queenstown public library. You can read everything you want from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every week. Otherwise, Kent Ridge Park and Haw Par Villa are two places worth visiting outside of Queenstown. Both are parks dedicated to culture. Kent Ridge Park is a historical site where one of the final fights for Singapore during World War II. It is currently a quiet, peaceful spot with a lot of history that is a terrific way to spend a day resting.

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Any Park And Garden?

In the Queenstown neighborhood, there are numerous possibilities for open areas. West Coast Park, a 50-hectare linear park popular with locals, is one of their favorites. The park caters to different types of activities. There is a play area In the center of Area 3, and in the eastern portion of Area 1, there is a more quiet and peaceful setting perfect for relaxation. In addition, the park’s western section gets turned into a refuge for park visitors seeking hard and adventurous activities.

In Queenstown, the HortPark is another common site, a one-stop gardening resource center that brings together gardening-related, recreational, instructional, research, and retail activities under one large canopy in a convenient location.

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