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What are the highlights of Queensway Shopping Center?

Queensway Shopping Centre is one of Singapore’s most well-liked locations to buy sporting goods. It provides a comprehensive selection of sporting equipment, apparel, and accessories in limited editions. Queensway Shopping Centre, which first opened in 1976, has earned a reputation as “Singapore’s sports mall” over the years. The mall also offers a distinctive assortment of specialized services, including laser engraving, embroidery design and printing, and leather smithing. As one of Singapore’s oldest retail centers, Queensway Shopping Centre provides customers with a unique fusion of a modern and nostalgic shopping experience. The Queenstown MRT Station (EW19) is also a short distance away and is a popular hangout for families and young people.

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The best of Queensway Shopping Centre:


I-Run has the ideal shoe for the job, whether you’re running trails or simply trying to catch a bus. The Queensway Shopping Centre, the biggest of its four sites, carries all the major shoe brands you’d anticipate accessories like heart-rate monitor watches.

LE Underground:

Whether you’re considering buying your first or tenth pair of sneakers, LE Underground has you covered. Sneakers have never lost their relevance. Most of the brands on the racks here are skateboarding-related, including Nike SB, Adidas, and Vans.

Sports World:

If you’re looking for more practical shoes, you can run around in Sports World has footwear for almost every sport you can think up. If you’re fortunate, you might even get a deal on a pair of trainers from a previous season.

Transworld Sports:

After watching some court action, do you feel the need to pick up a racquet? Start your trip at Transworld Sports, a tennis-focused retailer, and you won’t regret it. Pro-level racquets from companies like Babolat and Gamma are available here, and if you talk to the owners, they’ll be eager to help you get started. You may be confident that they are experts in their field because they have been around since 1988 and have been the official stringers of professional competitions for many years.

Sports Finesse:

You might favor ping-ponging with a little rubber ball on a wooden court. Sports Finesse sells a variety of squash rackets and accessories for both amateurs and professionals. If you speak with the proprietor, he might be able to advise you on the best racquet for your demands as a player and how you get made.

Weston Corp:

Whatever football club you root for, Weston Corp does not discriminate. The company now has seven sites in Singapore, with Kallang Wave Mall housing the biggest one. However, It was in local shopping centers like these that its collection of European team jerseys first caught the public’s attention.

Gala Sport:

Gala Sports carries a selection of badminton rackets in addition to its focus on tennis supplies and equipment, Although Yonex is the primary brand on display here. We also convey other international brands. The store also provides racquet-stringing services using its on-site equipment.


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