Raffles Place Neighbourhood

by | Jun 8, 2022

Raffles Place Neighbourhood

raffles place neighbourhood park

Guide to Know About Raffles Place Neighborhood

Raffles Place Neighborhood is one of Singapore’s most prominent neighborhoods is Raffles Place. It is the financial district, and there are numerous ideal landmarks there. This district, located in the heart of Singapore, is home to some of the city’s most opulent hotels and commercial centers. Raffles Place in Singapore is a fun place to visit, located south of the Singapore River’s mouth. Continue reading to learn more about the RAFFLES PLACE neighborhood.

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Meta Description

The central business area, which serves as Singapore’s downtown center, is home to many commercial structures and cultural attractions.

Staying in Raffles Place

There are no HDB flats in the neighborhood, keeping with the trend of the area’s overall appearance being posh and urban, with the closest ones being closer to neighboring regions such as Clarke Quay and Chinatown. Roads like Upper Cross Street and Smith Street provide HDB apartment houses for rent or purchase. The RAFFLES PLACE neighborhood has many modern luxury hotels, especially given its location in the CBD, which hosts various Big corporate events.

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Restaurants to Visit

Raffles Place has a wide range of high-quality dining alternatives to meet the sophisticated, business-oriented needs of those who live or work there. Many food establishments, including One Raffles Place, Ocean Financial Centre, Clifford Centre, and UOB Plaza, are located in Raffles Place MRT station.

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To Drink

Working in such a competitive environment as Raffles Place necessitates a decent drink, and this establishment does not disappoint.
The Fullerton Hotel’s Lighthouse Rooftop Bar has one of the most beautiful views in the CBD and wine, cocktails, and Italian cuisine to go with it.

The Secret Mermaid is one of those hidden gems of a bar, and the smoked salmon vodka, for example, is one of the bar’s unusual specialty drink offerings. However, because the bar only has a limited amount of seating, you should arrive early. 28 Hong Kong Street, a speakeasy bar specializing in various cocktails that may engage your taste on multiple levels with multi-sensory drink experiences, is the epicenter of Singapore’s cocktail culture.


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To Shop

One Raffles Place and Raffles City Shopping Centre, and a few additional outlying alternatives, are two major shopping centers in Raffles Place.
With over 100 lifestyle retailers and dining alternatives, One Raffles Place is home to several worldwide fashion brands. Labels like H&M, Uniqlo, and Melissa can provide a fashion fix. Show yourself some love at Pandora or Victoria’s Secret if you want to treat yourself to luxury.

The Raffles City Shopping Centre is part of a larger project encompassing retail, commercial, hotel, and conference center elements. Along with the anchoring Robinsons Department Store and Raffles City Market Place, retail options are scattered across five floors and include over 200 specialty stores.

Park And Garden

A green field with around 0.6 hectares of parkland can get found in the heart of Singapore. Raffles Place Park has long been a popular site for thousands of visitors. While Merlion Park is a popular tourist destination in Singapore’s Downtown Core, locals may prefer something more serene in the city. There are fantastic walking trails around the lake and throughout Raffles Place Park.

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