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Singapore’s The Rail Mall is a distinctive shopping centre. It sticks out because it differs from the air-conditioned, multi-story malls gets prevalent across the rest of the nation.

Its name comes from the fact – that many of the eclectic mixes of eateries and retail stores get arranged in a row that mimics train tracks.

The Rail Mall Singapore: Hours, Directory, Food, Shops, and Clinic

Cold Storage, Sixteen Ounces Craft Beer Bistro, K-Cuts, My Eye Room, Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf, and Toast Box are just a few of the stores and eateries that can get found in the Rail Mall.

Visitors can explore the Rail Corridor next to the mall in addition to the stores. Not many people are aware of it, but Singapore’s early years once included a vintage steam train.

Rail Mall Supermarket 


The Rail Mall stands out from other malls in Singapore due to its distinctive appearance, which is the first thing that draws attention to it. The only mall in Singapore that does not make you feel the need to grip your possessions tightly and prepare for combat is this one. You are quickly enveloped in its warmth and cosiness by the single-story layout of its shops, cafes, and bars. You can get everything you need for a quiet day out with friends and family – to its unique mix of tenants. Every outing is enjoyable and appealing to the eyes thanks to the Rail Mall’s façade, which gets adorned with Instagram-worthy backdrops. Visit this well-known shopping district along Upper Bukit Timah Road right away!

Rail Mall

Since the trains haven’t run in a long time, the land surrounding the corridor is lush and green, making it the perfect place for safe strolls.

In Singapore, at 380 Upper Bukit Timah Road – is where you’ll find The Rail Mall.

The Rail Mall is situated along Upper Bukit Timah Road and acquired by SPH REIT on June 28, 2018. A network of public bus routes and the nearby Hillview MRT station provides the best service to the area.


Its proximity to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) further improves accessibility. F&B is a significant component of The Rail Mall’s commerce mix to meet the needs of diners from Bukit Timah and Hillview, inhabitants of Fuyong estate, and others and travellers from other parts of the city that use the Rail Corridor. The anchor tenant, Cold Storage Supermarket, takes up 11,828 square feet. The trade mix of The Rail Mall is – mainly complemented by medical and healthcare services.

Rail Mall Facade

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