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Razum means “mind” or “intellect.” We picked this name to promote young people’s brains. Razum International School is to provide a loving and supportive environment where kids may belong, progress, and be appreciated. We are devoted to putting kids’ well-being first throughout these critical formative years. The school-home communication purpose is to build healthy connections to honor each kid as a valued and cherished part of our learning community. We are particularly proud of our four-hour school day, which distinguishes us from other educational institutions.

Shorter school days make learning more effective and efficient, allowing pupils to concentrate on fundamental courses like algebra and English. Simultaneously, we encourage our pupils to acquire a love of art, music, dance, and theater. These are important for their cognitive growth.

Meta Description:

Mrs. Elena Holloway, a mother of two who is enthusiastic about learning and education, created Razum International School. She is an entrepreneur with over ten years of company expertise and fifteen years of finance knowledge. Elena has a Master’s degree in finance, a Bachelor’s degree in economics, and a Bachelor’s degree in international business.


Change the face of Singapore’s foreign schools.

Allowing children to be kids

Make learning enjoyable, innovative, student-centered, and inexpensive.

Through cross-cultural awareness and respect for our globe, we can empower lifelong learners, creative thinkers, and autonomous global citizens.


Provide overseas students with a high-quality, low-cost education.

We realize that each kid is an individual who can nurture into lifelong learners if they are in the right atmosphere.

We consider education an enormous instrument for leveraging each student’s unique abilities and personalities to interact and learn in an exciting and inspiring curriculum and community culture.

Campus Facility:

Razum International School is a boutique international primary school in Singapore that serves students aged 5 to 12. Found the Razum in 2019 and aspires to deliver high-quality, affordable education in a loving atmosphere that fosters lifelong learners with a thirst for knowledge. Razum is a community school where we may state with pride:

“You are a name at Razum, not a number.”

Our Values:


We create a learning atmosphere that values each student’s uniqueness and encourages respect for those around us. It is ingrained in IPC’s ambitions and helps us to cultivate a school culture that nurtures students who think globally.


Everyone is born creative. Our responsibility is to foster this creativity so that it develops and participates in many aspects of a child’s life, including imagination, learning, and thinking. It means we must get to know each child individually and provide them with the chance to study in the best method.


We enter this learning environment with a deliberate appreciation for the people and surroundings around us. Our mission is to teach our students how to make a positive difference in the world by taking meaningful and long-term activities.


Students at our school have the chance to listen and be heard. We encourage health and see it in students’ physical mobility and intellectual growth.


Our students like learning. The environment is friendly and welcoming, and the curriculum is lively and fascinating. Our classrooms reflect our students’ and instructors’ interests and personalities, and our outdoor areas promote a love of play, adventure, and discovery.

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