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Republic Polytechnic (RP) has been at the forefront of providing new and better ways to alter higher learning since its founding in 2002, enabling our students to make achievements go beyond academics. After more a decade, RP has made significant progress in helping our students uncover their skills and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in Republic Polytechnic (RP).

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Republic Polytechnic (RP) post-secondary education institution and statutory board is Singapore’s first and only polytechnic, opened in 2002.

What exactly is PFP?

The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) is a one-year curriculum designed to prepare outstanding N-Level students for full-time diploma programmes in Republic Polytechnic (RP). It’s different from taking the GCE O-Level exams in Sec 5. You will be offered a provisional spot in a diploma programme through PFP. If you already know the polytechnic, you want to apply for a terrific alternative. You will benefit from a practice-oriented curriculum taught by polytechnic lecturers will include preparatory courses related to your chosen diploma.

  • Develop tertiary academic abilities such as independent learning and research.
  • Acquire diploma-specific knowledge and skills.
  • Transition easily into your first year of study.

Full-time Education

Our five diploma programmes will equip you with the required skills and know-how to contribute to the scientific and medical disciplines – and perhaps even revolutionise the way we live and interact with our world.

Applied Chemistry

The practical use of chemistry is crucial in our daily lives, from pharmaceutical medications to cosmetics products. Join us on a trip to learn how atoms, the fundamental building blocks of all matter, combine to create the items we use today.

Biomedical Science

With our Biomedical Science Diploma, you may help save lives. To grasp the nature of the disease, you’ll need a solid foundation in both human anatomy and epidemiology.

Science of Pharmaceuticals

With our thorough Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science curriculum, you’ll learn how to manage and promote the health and well-being of others and even save lives. Learn about drug discovery and development, clinical pharmacy, medication review, and patient counselling, among other topics.

Common Science Initiative

Are you fascinated by the intriguing world of science but unsure whether specialisation is appropriate for you? Join the Common Science Programme (CSP) to get a thorough overview of the School of Applied Science’s numerous science fields (SAS).


With our Diploma in Biotechnology, you’ll learn how to leverage the potential of biotechnology to generate better food, more vaccinations, and more sustainable biofuels to address complex global health and environmental concerns.

Marine and Environmental Science

Climate change poses several problems for humanity. Increased wildfires, increasing sea levels, dwindling clean water supplies, lower agricultural and fisheries yields, and disease outbreaks are just a few examples. To make a positive difference in the face of these obstacles? Join us in becoming the next generation of sustainability leaders!

Overseas Industry Immersion Programme (OIIP)

Students participating in the Overseas Industry Immersion Programme (OIIP), also known as overseas internships, gain views and skills by travelling the world with Singapore-based enterprises with international operations, multinational organisations, and start-ups. Our students receive a worldwide perspective in their field of study and eventual profession through these 20 to 24-week internships.  We advise students to look into remote abroad internships while personal international travel is limited.

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