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Mayfair Gardens Review

Project Review: Mayfair Gardens Is it a good buy or bad buy? Market View In November 2017, Oxley Holdings acquired Mayfair Gardens for $311 million. My personal review regarding the launch will be given which covers all the essential perspectives. The land parcel...

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Jade Scape Condo Review

Project Review: Jade Scape Condo Is it a good buy or bad buy? Market View The cooling taxation that the Singaporean government put in front of the investors seem not to have scared them away. Experts deduce that this outcome came as a result of a plentiful of launches...

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Epic Hotel Review

Project Review: Epic Hotel Review Is it a good buy or bad buy? Epic Hotel is a fully furnished hotel in Liverpool with Wi-Fi and about 10 minutes’ walk from the Liverpool railways station. It is in the center of Liverpool city Centre. The hotel is situated at seel...

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Seraya Residences Review

Project Review:Seraya ResidencesIs it a good buy or bad buy?Market ViewThe market of real estate in Singapore is huge. A lot of people prefer investing in properties in Singapore as they have good value and return of investment.In spite of some measure from the...

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Margaret Ville Review

Project Review: Stirling Residence Is it a good buy or bad buy? Market View The stirling residences launched their new skyscraper condo at the Stirling road which comprises of one to four bedrooms. It can reflect new icon over at Queenstown estate along with the...

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