Riverside Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Riverside Primary School

Riverside Primary School Logo

Riverside Primary School – The Information You Need To Know

Everyone at Riverside, including the staff and Governors, works to offer our students the best educational experiences possible. Every child in Riverside should be a happy learner. We strive to give the massive level of instruction and extracurricular activities possible. All elements of school life get guided by our vision and values.

The excellent team of Riverside Primary School instructors and support personnel serves – as role models, educating and supporting each child to bring out their unique skills and accomplishments and help them grow into capable, loving, and confident citizens. 

Meta Description:

Riverside Primary School first opened its doors to 8 groups of P1 children in January 2013. The school has grown to over 1370 students across six levels.

School Vision:

The Best of Each, for a Brighter Future for Everyone – Riverside Primary School strives to develop Riverians as joyful and productive learners and connected citizens of good character, allowing each Riverian to lead, serve, and contribute as a member of the community and the globe. To realize our mission, the school takes a student-centered approach, focusing on getting to know each child and helping them grow in the best way possible, and leveraging people and relationships to bring value to the educational process.

School Mission:

Riverside Primary School’s mission is to inspire engaged and deep learning, nurture students’ values, character, and citizenship, and foster a feeling of belonging to the community and nation. A positive school tone of caring, respect, and discipline, a safe and health-promoting school environment, and lively and exciting learning space are all used to conduct the primary business of education.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos in the classroom:

  • Riverside Primary School is dedicated to the concept that each child is unique and capable of learning. The school’s and instructors’ job is to provide a nurturing atmosphere each kid feels secure, healthy, and cherished. It’s also about creating the best possible conditions for every kid to be engaged, supported, and challenged, so that students may learn and grow to their full potential.
  • The school teaches for outcomes rather than just results. Riverians shall be Joyful and Productive Learners and Connected Citizens of Good Character – who will SPARKLE with Character Strength, Perseverance, Adaptability, Responsibility, Kindness, Leadership, Enthusiasm, and Sincerity.
  • People and collaborations are crucial to the school’s and students’ success. Riverside’s Confident, Competent, Caring, and Committed Team collaborates with our collaborative and supportive parents and partners with whom we have developed intentional and long-term educational collaborations.
  • The school slogan, “Learning Together, Growing Together, Sparkling Together,” means that the school is a common social place where students may join together in harmony to learn, grow, and sparkle.
  • The school promotes a culture of inclusion and affinity (for Riverside and Riverians) driven by learning and excellence (From Good to Great).


We expanded to two forms of admission in our Reception Classes in September 2018 due to the school’s popularity, and we continue to grow each year. The staff is familiar with our children and their families, so when they reach school age, a massive number of them go into our Reception classrooms and have a smooth transition and continuity of practice.

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