Rivervale Community Centre

Rivervale Community Centre

You Need to Know About  Rivervale Community Centre

The brand-new Rivervale CC, near Rivervale Plaza, is the first CC in Singapore to be constructed utilising the more environmentally friendly mass engineered timber technique. According to a news release, the material has a low carbon footprint because it is renewable, prefabricated, and requires less labour to be installed on site. It also reduces the need for additional cooling or heating of buildings.

A green wall and a wooden front of the building were added to it to complement Sengkang Neighborhood Park and the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector, two places close with  Rivervale Community Centre.

360° Body Fitness

No of your age, limitations, or level of fitness 360°, Body Fitness promises to spice up your stale training routine. For individuals looking to achieve their weight loss and overall fitness goals provides Variation and an All-rounded exercise. Body toning, cardiovascular exercise fitness, kickboxing, pilates and yoga are all included in the course in  Rivervale Community Centre. Two of the aforemention components are present in a one-hour workout. Consequently, speed up your metabolism to burn calories more effectively.  360° Body Fitness, practise can anticipate weight loss and total fitness.

iBrainMath Mental & Mathematics Preparation for P1

A two-in-one complete Mental and Mathematics programme created for N2, K1, K2, and P1 kids is called iBrainMath Mental & Mathematics Preparation for P1 (IBMP) (Aged 4 – 7 years). Students must complete the whole P1 Mathematics Syllabus includes Mental Math, thanks to IBMP’s planned coursework. By further bridging the gap between Kindergarten and Primary One, IBMP exposes pupils to various mathematics concepts.

*Students in N2, K1, K2, and P1 can take the course (entry age, 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old)

Conditions and Notes:

The first lesson’s material charge of $45 is due to the trainer. Then, when upgrading, pay $9 per book.

Hip Hop By Trudance 

MTV shows Janet Jackson and Britney Spears performing hip-hop dances. Learn about a style that captures the spirit of black youth culture in America by dancing to the pounding beat of funk, R&B, or rap. You will pick up skills like locking, popping and isolations and contractions. It’s an energy-impact class!

Conditions and Notes:

The 13 years of age and older. Dress casually and wear athletic sneakers.

How to register online: “Add to Cart” -> “Proceed” -> “Cart” at top right -> “Log in using Singpass” -> “Participant Profile” -> “Select” -> “Add to Cart” -> “Select Cart at top right & select” “Proceed” -> “Add to Cart” -> “Proceed” -> “Add to

Please make your cellphone available for class attendance tracking, emergencies, and CC updates. 

Health and safety precautions to take:

1) Users must sign up using the Safe Entry/Trace Together app/token.

2) Masks must be worn at all times by participants.

3) Always keep a distance of 1-2 metres between you and the person in front of you.

4) When entering and leaving, avoid crowding at the door.

5) If you have the flu, a cough, or a fever at home.

6) Encourage good hygiene by disinfecting communal and touch areas after each lesson.

7) Wash your hands frequently, and

 8) refrain from loitering around the CC grounds while class is in session.

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