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Rivervale Mall

Rivervale Mall

All You Need To Know About The Rivervale Mall

Rivervale Mall is a suburban grocery-anchored retail mall in Sengkang’s new township in Singapore’s north-Japanese region. The shopping center opened in 2000 and was completely renovated in early 2017 to better serve the network in the immediate place. The 3-story mall is a 3-minute walk from the nearest Rumbia LRT station, which connects directly to Sengkang MRT and Bus Interchange. The fully integrated mall parking with four levels offers a diverse selection of retail, leisure, healthcare, and dining options, including Anytime Fitness 24-hour, NTUC Supermarket and Food Junction, McDonald’s, Breadtalk /Toast Box, and others.

Rivervale Mall initially opened as a two-story open-air facility in 1999. Work on modernization began in June 2011 but halted when the previous contractor, Technobuilt, declared bankruptcy. The delay resulted in tenant losses and discomfort for surrounding residents, and the mall’s condition became a prime subject in the Punggol East by-election last January.

Rivervale Mall entrance 

Accessibility and location:

Rivervale Mall is in Sengkang, a new development in Singapore’s northeast, and is next to the Sengkang Light Rail Transit (LRT) loop, near Rumbia LRT station. In addition, Rivervale Mall provides a free shuttle bus service within Sengkang Estate. The three-story mall is a popular and easy shopping destination for locals due to its accessible location.


Rivervale Malll emphasizes responsible living as part of our business culture and philosophy. Going Green achieves an optimal combination of long-term commercial value and the usage of sustainable choices to improve and benefit our natural environment, shopping malls, and customers. We are continually devoted to economically integrating sustainability in our shopping complexes and corporate operations. Rivervale Mall has launched various initiatives, including the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

  • We REDUCE by introducing energy-efficient LED lights and chillers and collaborating with authorities to reduce water use.
  • REUSE and protect the environment by encouraging non-toxic paints and non-harmful agents in tenant fit-outs and restoration projects.
  • RECYCLE shoppers to drop their trash in the mall’s designated recycling containers.

Food Junction:

Food Junction’s first food court opened in Bishan, at Junction 8. Food Junction, one of the first in Singapore to run and manage themed food courts, delivers a combination of local and international cuisine to provide consumers with a choice of delectable delicacies. Culinary Junction, founded in 1993, transformed Singapore’s food culture with concept-driven food courts accompanied by a fascinating selection of local and foreign cuisine. 

Rivervale Mall excalator 


Rivervale Mall Food Venues: Food Junction

Diners may pick from 14 stalls, 9 of which are new. Ke, a fashionable new concept from BreadTalk Group that provides modern renditions of classic Singaporean delicacies in the form of specialty soft drinks, sweets, and juice mixes, fits in wonderfully with the HDB motif. Kopi Slush, Sea Salt Chendol, and the Instagram-worthy Coco Cloud look like a brilliant blue sky with clouds – lovely!

5 Stars HK Dim Sum:   

Dim sum is in the Cantonese manner from scratch. Because this stand is by a chef with 30 years of hotel and restaurant expertise, you can expect a hotel-quality dim sum at reasonable costs.

Ding Wei Fried Master:  

Try the grilled pork chop and fried egg rice at Ding Wei Fried Master if you want something with a bit of wok-hei.

Ming Zhu Mookata:  

MSG-free Mootata at the Ming Zhu Mookata is a genuine feast. This stand is open late to meet your evening appetite!

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