Rivervale Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Rivervale Primary School

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Things To Know About Rivervale Primary School

At Rivervale Primary School, place a high value on your child’s academic, social, and emotional well-being. Many of our programs get geared at helping your kid develop the skills necessary to become a caring and successful member of society.

Our employees are energetic, enthused, and highly motivated. As a result, we’ve developed several programs to improve critical literacy, numeracy, and self-worth.

Our children have a strong feeling of pride and ownership in our Rivervale Primary School institution. Our ‘Play Plan’ is a brand-new initiative that connects the classroom to the outside world. It is inextricably related to our entire school’s values plan and the assessment – of children’s attitudes, behavior, and effort.

Meta Description:

Rivervale Primary School, known as Tranby Primary School, changed its name in 2015 with a new goal for the multicultural population.

Vision for the School:

Individuals of Character at The Rivervale – School of Excellence

School Mission:

Riverlites should be inspired and developed to be good citizens and enthusiastic learners.


The West Australian Curriculum for literacy engages all students in grades K–6. For writing, we employ Letters and Sounds, Soundwaves, and Talk.

We’ve developed a fantastic speech and language connection with ECU’s Speech Therapy team, ensuring that all of our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary pupils get early speech evaluation and, if necessary, assistance.


Regular evaluation ensures that children are engaged in numeracy at the appropriate level, and teaching and learning changes get made to help them progress to the next level. From K to Y6, the Imaths program gets implemented across the school.

SDR (School-based Dyslexia Remediation) program:

For pupils in Primary 3 and 4, the school-based Dyslexia Remediation program is a two-year intervention program. The program is delivered in small groups by certified school staff who follow a remediation curriculum created by MOE Reading Specialists.

Remediation Program for Reading (RRP):

The Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) helps P3 and P4 children who passed the Learning Support Programme in P1 and P2 – continue to have trouble reading English. The curriculum introduces students to various reading comprehension coping skills that will help them better manage their learning in the classroom.

Dance and Fitness – Learning for Life Programme (LLP):

Dance – is identified as the school’s specialty. In 2014, discovered to be the school’s LLP. The program, which was previously known as DANCE FEVER (Dance Aces Nurturing Cultural Expression For EVEry Riverlite), intends to accommodate the different abilities and interests of all Riverlites while also instilling active living habits via dance. The LLP at the school gets renamed Dance and Fitness to include elements of fitness and movement. A dance-related education component included in the program to promote understanding of diverse dance styles and broaden students’ viewpoint of dance during Mass Dance Sessions.

Physical Education:

In the year 2021, we hired a Phys Ed expert. This important curricular topic – is utilized to encourage students and connect them to other subjects. Many traditional sports will stand included in the program, and creative aspects of the curriculum such as dance, meditation, and mindfulness.

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