Rulang Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Rulang Primary School

Rulang Primary School Logo

All about the excellent Rulang Primary School

All kids can learn and flourish is the school’s motto, which expresses our belief that with the perfect atmosphere and support. Rulang’s educational brand is respected a child’s dignity and contributes to their personal and collective happiness via quality education. Joo Long Public School began operations with only 34 pupils and was situated in a store 13 meters above sea level on Jurong Road, with Mr. Yak Woh Hoon as Principal. The Rulang Primary School school relocated four years later to the Kee San Estate on Jalan Baha to satisfy the demand for additional facilities.

Ms. Tracy Tan was the new Principal of Rulang in 2020. The school will continue to deliver quality education to our children with the devotion and commitment of the staff, the kids’ desire for learning, and the support of the parents. With the school’s rich history of decades, accomplishments, and achievements, we are optimistic that the Rulangnites as “students of the future.”

Meta Description:

Joo Long Public School was the original name for Rulang Primary School. Mr. Ng Lee Kar, a Jurong community leader, founded it in 1930 to give fundamental education to youngsters in rural neighborhoods.

School Vision:

Scholar of tomorrow.

School Mission:

The school’s primary objective is to develop competencies, inspire greatness, and empower individuals.

School’s Core Value:

The school’s prime core is Self-discipline, respect, empathy, and adaptability.

School Motto:

Morally upright.

Philosophy of the School:

We think that in the proper atmosphere and with the correct assistance, every Rulangnite has the potential to be EXCELLENT. Red, blue, and yellow is the school colors. The color red represents zeal. The color blue is associated with sweetness. The color yellow represents brightness. The rising sun on the horizon represents advancement. The school crest represents our eager rise to a bright future.

School Rules and Regulations:  

School Regulations:

  • Allow kids to develop their potential and talents at their speed.
  • Attain a high degree of proficiency in all areas of the school curriculum.
  • They encourage the usage of official languages in schools.
  • Encourage engagement in student growth in culture and aesthetics, entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership by promoting Personalized Cocurricular Special Programs (CCSP) as a vital component of the school curriculum (4th-6th years of primary school).
  • Continue to seek parental support and collaboration to improve community relations.
  • Encourage employees to learn new skills and upgrade their professional knowledge. Employee and student innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) promotion 

School Rules:

  • Students must be well-dressed and clothed properly in their school uniforms.
  • Arrive at school on time
  • They queue politely and wait their turn
  • To be considerate, honest, and hardworking.
  • Be kind and respectful to their instructors and peers at all times.
  • Take care of the school’s property.
  • Before leaving the school grounds, obtain permission from the principal or instructors. 
  • Act to protect the school’s reputation.

School’s True Heart Culture:

  • Trust built through sincerity   
  • Reality is not limiting passions and attitudes
  • Understanding and appreciating differences
  • Empathy is a crucial component of the dialogue. 
  • High dedication to excellence 
  • Empowering one another in our work and play   
  • Altruistic intentions in our actions   
  • Reinforce the strengths of dynamic individuals   
  • Team synergy in life and learning.

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