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Saint George's Church

Saint Georges Church view

To know more about Saint George’s Church.

Anglican Saint George’s Church is situated on Minden Road, off Holland Road, in Singapore’s Tanglin Planning Area. The church gets built between 1910 and 1913 for the British soldiers stationed at Tanglin Barracks, which served as the General Headquarters of the British Far East Land Forces. Members of the church’s community come from Singapore and many other nations. Their shared desire to follow Jesus Christ and discover God’s will for their life binds them together. The area, which included Mount Harriet, a 103-foot-tall slope on which the chapel now stands, was previously a nutmeg plantation. 

William E. Willan owned land that gets sold in 1865. However, an ordained pastor for the garrison was chosen in 1871, even before the church gets constructed. Saint George’s Church build-in 1884, and the current building was in 1910. The two chapels get built for British service members residing in Tanglin Barracks, originally the General Headquarters of the British Far East Land Forces. The Singapore Ministry of Defence utilized this location as its headquarters after British forces left Singapore in 1968 until moving to new quarters in Bukit Gombak.

Architecture and Furnishings:

Captain William H. Stanbury of the Royal Engineers designed the church with influence from the Romanesque basilicas found throughout Europe. He incorporated numerous Romanesque architectural details, such as arches, piers, and columns.In contrast to most European Romanesque churches, Saint George’s Church has large arches and clerestory openings on either side of its nave. The substantial single-gabled roof gets supported by an exposed web of tropical hardwood trusses in the English style. Fair-faced red bricks get used to building both the inside and outside of the church.Gordon Webster, a renowned stained-glass artist, replaces the panels of the windows behind the altar that get lost during the war. The original lychgate was moved to Saint George’s Church in 1952 when the bodies get reinterred in the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Kranji.


  • The church’s architectural design get modeled after the Romanesque-era Christian Basilica architecture, which had the appearance of a long barn. The enormous arches inside and the wide side aisles give the church an airiness appropriate for its tropical setting.
  • The brick detailing on the structure, windows, and doors creates a sculptured, beautiful impression. The architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, whose most well-known work was the planning and construction of New Delhi, is evident in this use of brick.
  • The side aisles’ open arched windows get identified by brick pillars with elaborate patterns. Greek crosses get inserted into the west bay’s window apertures.
  • Instead of the altar area being on the south side, the vestry gets placed on the east side.
  • The lychgate is a copy of the original building, which get constructed in 1952. Inside the gate are two benches. The lychgate has a tiled roof and gets made of wood.
  • The exposed timber trusses on the ceiling create a pattern. Thin steel ties get used to holding the trusses together.

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