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Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal

Saint Michaels Bus Terminal Canal

A Guide About Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal

Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal, often known as St. Michael’s Ter, is a bus terminal that can get found in the Balestier neighborhood of Novena, Singapore. Although it has the name St. Michael’s Road, the bus terminal is inside the Whampoa estate, flanked by Whampoa Road, Kim Keat Road, Whampoa Park Connector, and the Sungei Whampoa.

The Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal, which first opened on May 26, 1985, has a single entrance and exit located on Whampoa Road. The end-on design of every berth makes it possible to load and unload passengers and park buses there.


The two bus services from Singapore Shuttle Bus (Pte) Ltd that get housed in Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal in the 1970s were discontinued in 2003 after SBS Transit took over the terminal.

To fully accommodate travelers who require wheelchairs, the terminal underwent renovation and refurbishment in 2011. For every bus berth, handicap ramps get installed as part of this. LTA Contract VT353, given to TQC Builders Pte. Ltd. in April 2013, was used to complete Addition & Alteration Works in 2014. The contract called for the installation and building of a new annex with a driver lounge, public restrooms, and ancillary rooms at the terminal. It gets built on the site of the former extra bus parking spaces, and it also called for the installation of new rain shades, seating, wall-mounted fans, and a fresh coat of paint on the building.

Saint Michaels Bus Terminal Departure

About Terminal

Despite its name, Saint Michael’s Terminus is not near St. Michael’s Road; it is a modest bus terminal inside the Whampoa estate. On its north and south edges, respectively, Whampoa Road and Sungei Whampoa Canal encircle the area.

All the terminal berths are right-angled (or end-on), and there is only one vehicular entrance and exit along Whampoa Road. These berths get utilized for both bus parking and passenger boarding/debarking. Two pedestrian entrances are present, one connecting to Whampoa Road along the northern boundary and the other to the Whampoa Park connection and several HDB apartments along the southern edge. Next to the terminal building is a food court (Block 111A).

Saint Michaels Bus Terminal Lobby

For the comfort of passengers in wheelchairs, the terminal underwent renovation in 2011, and accessible ramps get installed in each bus bay. Before this, service 21—the first wheelchair-accessible bus service in Singapore—used the single wheelchair-accessible berth at the terminal, located at the north end of the building.

A new annex with public restrooms, a driver lounge, and Auxiliary rooms was installed at the terminal during the 2013–2014 academic year through addition and alteration work. It would get constructed on land once used for added bus parking areas. Additionally, the concourse received a fresh coat of paint, new commuter seating, rain shields, and wall-mounted oscillating fans. LTA Contract VT353, which was given to TQC Builders Pte. Ltd. in April 2013 for S$1.69 million, was finished in the second quarter of 2014. In 2016, Bus Service 129 was established at St. Michael’s, utilizing berths that had been vacant for a while in the eastern corner of the terminal.

Saint Michaels Bus Terminal Parking

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