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Learn More About The Sembawang Bus Interchange

In Sembawang, Singapore, there is a bus interchange called Sembawang Bus Interchange. Sembawang Bus Interchange has hassle-free transit to the nearby Sembawang MRT station since it opened on November 20, 2005.

One of the interchanges in a housing development without any feeder services is this one.


Bus services used to come to an end in many locations throughout Sembawang, each with a modest bus terminus. One such terminus Admiralty Road West Bus Terminal Service 980 Sembawang Shipyard employees and intersection of Admiralty Road West and Canberra Road. Another was Sembawang Road End Bus Terminal Service 167 was situates where Sembawang Park is currently at the end of Sembawang Road.

Service 167 and 980 were cut from their respective termini to reach the new interchange when Sembawang Bus Interchange opened on November 20, 2005, and these termini were closed. Service 882 created to cover the segment Service 167 cut off at Sembawang Road End, and Service 856 was already in place for the segments of Service 980 that cut off near Admiralty Road West. Service 981 was modified to begin and end at this interchange when it had previously ended down Sembawang Way (away from the Sembawang MRT). Over the years, new bus services have been established, including 859A/859B in 2014, 117 in 2015, 883 in 2016, and 883M in 2020.

Regarding Sembawang Bus Exchange

Sembawang Bus Interchange is one of the interchanges present in a residential area without any feeders or intertown services, and it serves the town of Sembawang. The Sembawang bus station runs between Sun Plaza Shopping Mall and Sembawang MRT Station and provides access to areas within town. One of the most crucial bus interchanges in the nation, Sembawang Bus Interchange, is where many people commute to work every day. Sembawang Bus Interchange frequently frequented by both domestic and foreign tourists due to variety of bus destinations it offers.

Accessing Sembawang Bus Terminal

The town of Sembawang in the northern part of Singapore is well-known as a planned and residential area is conveniently close to public transportation. 

Taking a train from the closest MRT station, Sembawang MRT Station, to Sembawang Bus Interchange is the quickest method to get there. The NS11 Sembawang is the nearest train station to the bus terminal. Only a 4-minute walk separates the bus terminal from the MRT station.

Sembawang Bus Interchange amenities

Sembawang Bus Interchange offers a wide range of amenities and services so patrons can conveniently acquire all they require. Bus arrival displays, protected waiting areas, fully operational interchange offices (SMRT), drivers lounges, retail establishments, and NTWU canteens are a few of the amenities offered.

Another station that welcomes those with disabilities and provides basic amenities for those in need is Sembawang Bus Interchange. Some these include tactile guidance systems, accessible alighting and boarding points, clean public restrooms for the disabled, graduated kerb edges to help passengers with disabilities, and public restrooms.

Top qualities:

  • accessible boarding and alighting locations
  • System for Tactile Guidance

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