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Sembawang Community Club

Sembawang Community Club night

All You Need To Know About  Sembawang Community Club

All Sembawang community events should be held at the Sembawang Community Club. The team members are well-versed in dealing with seniors of different ages. The club offers residents badminton, a music hall, conversation areas, and reading assistance. Buses from Sembawang MRT make it very easy to go to the Sembawang Community Club. The clubhouse is roomy, tidy, thoughtfully constructed, and well polished to look great to everyone. The club offers yoga sessions, air gun marksmanship instruction, and archery courses. The residents of the adjacent neighbourhood club also provide outstanding community amenities. Everybody has effectively given the distinctiveness of the club.

Shooting (Air Pistol)

Sembawang Community Club Action Pistol Shooting fires plastic pellets from an airsoft gun powered by gas. The components of this sport are speed and accuracy. Since special goggles are necessary for all shooters to wear throughout the shooting, it is safe. In Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan is hugely popular.

Inline Skating Course by Inline Fusion

Our programme design specifically so that everyone may benefit from it, not just those who are learning to skate but also those who can already go forward and want to get better. Make the most of each class are enough coaches to accommodate the various skating abilities.

Our primary goal is to educate the kids how to skate while also doing it, which will boost their self-esteem, sociability, and fun. For those over the age of six, this programme is excellent.


A minimum age of six required for participation.

Participants must supply their skates and safety equipment.

A $5 material fee must be paid to the trainer directly.


In this episode, archery, a fascinating sport, is introduced. Participants gain knowledge of the equipment, safety protocols, and range rules while learning its fundamental methods. In addition, they pick up tactics for developing the endurance and mental steadiness that are essential attributes of the sport. For persons of all ages, the programme is appropriate.

Conditions and Notes:

-Minimum Age 8 & Up

-Equipment will be made available

On the start day, participants will make their way to the Hardcourt.

Adult – Elementary Erhu

Chinese two-stringed instrument known as the erhu played with a bow. It can be used as a solo instrument or as a violin in a Chinese ensemble. A small group participants pick up the necessary skills for playing this instrument. When students have gathered enough knowledge and experience, they might be able to join an existing Chinese orchestra at a club or community centre.

Conditions and Notes:

Erhu won’t offer. On the first day of the session, participants may buy an erhu from the instructor. A erhu could cost up to $500 or more. Participants must be over the age of 12 to take an erhu course.

24 October 2022: No class

Abacus Mental-Arithmetic (Basic Stage 1)

This course teaches kids how to use the “Mental Abacus” to rapidly and precisely compute amounts. Participants will learn to focus more effectively, strengthen their memory, and cultivate an agile mind speed is a factor.

Conditions and Notes:

  • Children must be at least five years old. A $30 material cost (including an abacus) must be paid directly to the trainer.
  • K1 might join in 2022.

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