Seng Kang Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Seng Kang Primary School

Seng Kang Primary School Logo

All You Need To Know About Seng Kang Primary School

Seng Kang Primary School opened its doors on January 3, 1997, as the first school in the city. The initial director was named Ms. Chin Shin Wea. Seng Kang Primary School commenced operations on the Upper Serangoon Road site of the former Hai Seng Girls’ High School while the school building was still under construction. There were 327 kids in 10 classrooms and 23 staff members at the institution. Ms. Chin stated that the school believes “everyone is exceptional, everyone can learn, and everyone can serve.” School relocated to its new home at 21 Compassvale Walk on December 12, 1997. The school was built on 4 acres of land and included an administration building and two four-story teaching/classroom blocks.

Meta Description:

Sengkang, which means “port of prosperity” in China, is located in north-east Singapore between two rivers: the Serangoon River and the Punggol River. In the 1950s and 1960s, fishing communities and rubber, pepper, and pineapple plantations thrived in the region. 

HDB began planning a new town in Sengkang in 1994. Seng Kang Primary School was the first school established in Sengkang in 1997. As a result, the history of SengKang Primary School is linked inextricably to the establishment of Sengkang as a modern residential city.

Our mission: 

To develop self-directed learners with curious minds who are morally rooted to lead, care for, and serve.

Our vision: 

Every Seng Kang Elementary School student is a creative thinker, a confident leader, and a loving citizen.

Our Philosophy:



Resilience and trust.

Our beliefs: 

Everyone can learn, everyone can serve, and every one is unique.

Our corporate values:

Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization.

Our primary focus is on people.

Our passion is education.

Our goal is to achieve excellence.

Our symbol:

The shape of our school symbol is like a diamond. Each student is a treasure to be valued and cared for, representing the symbol. The color white represents purity. The circle containing the letters “SK” represents harmony, unity, and development. The letter “SK” in the logo, like the Chinese symbol, is recognized as water. Water is soft and flowing, but it can erode stubborn rock. The brilliant yellow backdrop hue represents the attainment of greatness and triumph.

Learning of the Life Program  (LLP):

We are glad to announce our Value Development and Leadership via Physical Education Learning for Life Program (LLP). The school’s tagline to encourage this as a lifetime habit is “enjoy life, love life.” The curriculum seeks to create students who can: 

Display desired personal and social conduct that respects self and others in individual and team sports settings;

Demonstrate courage and leadership qualities by engaging in individual and team sports venues. 

Value individual and team sports for their benefits to health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social connection.

Character development- value education: 

The school’s character education strategy is built on two techniques to help the school fulfill its vision and goal. We focus on five aspects to guarantee our character building is well thought out, based on Thomas Lickona’s ideas for establishing a solid character-building program. In each area, we look at the curriculum that drives the domain, the culture we want to create, the appropriate assessment to measure the activities, the partnerships that can run the program, and ultimately the creative ones. When programs are accepted or replicated, we may adopt certain practices.

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