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Seng Wong Beo Temple - Hinduism

Seng Wong Beo Temple Hinduism Singapore

Explore the Seng Wong Beo Temple in Singapore.

Seng Wong Beo, better known to Singapore’s older generation, was a watershed moment in Tanjong Pagar. It is still a landmark, an antique edifice overshadowed by massive, sky-high concrete towers. The year 2006 marks the company’s 101st anniversary. Du Cheng Huang Gu Miao Cheng Huang, which means City God in English, Seng Wong Beo Temple – Hinduism is painted with Chinese brushstrokes on the exposed exterior wall of this temple.


The Reverend Swee Oi of China created the temple. The reverend, whose surname was Huang, was well-educated and a skilled poet. During the Qing Dynasty, he was an imperial scholar. His strong interest in Buddhism, on the other hand, compelled him to become a monk. In Fuzhou Quanzhou, he gets ordained. He eventually landed in Singapore, where numerous Chinese immigrants arrived on ships from China and settled in Tanjung Pagar and Telok Ayer. They primarily worked as dock laborers and rickshaw pullers. His life was crucial. The day began with nausea, loneliness, and homesickness. His troubles moved the venerable Swee Oi, who resolved to construct a temple in Tanjung Pagar.

Seng Wong Beo Temple Hinduism Statue

He desired that these folks have a place to worship and pray for the safety of their loved ones in China. The temple gets established in the 31st year of Emperor Qing Guang Xu’s reign. Two years later, Zuo Bing Long, the then-Chinese Consul in Singapore, personally inscribed a tablet and delivered it to the temple as a gift. The tablet is in the temple’s main prayer area. The temple is to the city’s deity. According to Chinese religion, the city deity guards the city against evil. Devotees throng the temple to pray for the country’s peace and prosperity, triumph over evil, and good health. 

The city’s deity praises good actions and punishes negative ones. He is also in charge of escorting the souls of the deceased to the underworld. His shrine was and still is a haven for his numerous devotees.

How to reach:

By Bus:

The Mapletree-Anson bus hub is served by buses 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669, and 670. The lovely temple is a two-minute stroll from here.

By MRT: 

Take Exit A from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station to access the serene Seng Wong Beo Temple in one minute.


The eccentric Seng Wong Beo Temple – Hinduism, hidden beyond the red gates on Peck Seah Street and also known as Du Cheng Huang Gu Miao Temple, has faithfully kept the practice of hosting ghost marriages. This temple devoted to the Chinese city deity, Wei Ling Gong, rings wedding bells for the dead. Seng Wong Beo also holds the splendid idols of Justice Bao, Martial Guan Di, Tua Li Ya Pek, Wen Chang Di Jun, and Xiao Zi Gong, among others, in addition to the presiding god. This lovely temple, built by Reverend Swee Oi in 1905, lacks the gilded elements of Singapore’s other houses of worship. 

Seng Wong Beo Temple Hinduism Worshiper

Extraordinary ceremonies and incantations compensate for this, giving it a lovely and easy-on-the-eye appearance. This serene is the only one in this modern city-state whose mystical procedures have not changed every time. This occult ceremony occurs when family members from both sides come and wish to reconcile the deceased’s spirits. A matchmaker is often requested to bring two families together, looking for a suitable partner for a departed family member. And the two lost marriageable souls are married in a holy marriage.

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