Sengkang Methodist Church

Sengkang Methodist Church

Things To Know About Sengkang Methodist Church

God’s hand planted the ministry seeds that would eventually grow into Sengkang Methodist Church in the late 1990s (SKMC). He shared the same ambition for starting ministries in the then-emerging Sengkang housing estate with three independent Methodist congregations. It approved the transfer of all its active members, those from Hakka Methodist Church and Paya Lebar Sengkang Methodist Church, into the new church, Gloria Methodist Church. It is known to become like a kernel of wheat that “dies” so that it may “produce many seeds”.


Sengkang Methodist Church established as a local conference of the Chinese Annual Conference on September 10, 2000. (CAC). While the church building at 31 Anchorvale Road built, our members had their services in the Emmanuel Hall at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School for two years. The hall was formerly an air-rifle range located in the school’s basement.

Since the office was located in a neighbouring bomb shelter underground in Hougang, we earned the nickname “the underground church” during this time. Even though we were underground at the time, we were still diligently sowing seeds in the harvest field God had prepared for us. Even before our church structure built, outreach efforts had already started in Sengkang.


To engage the people in and around Sengkang, we organised more than 20 community activities between 2000 and 2002, including Christmas parties and mooncake festivals. Along with establishment the Sengkang Methodist Children Centre (SKMCC) and Oikos.Community@Sengkang (Oikos), the SKMC’s community outreach division, befriending efforts in neighbouring schools.

As of 2017, we are grateful to have over 900 members from the first 150 members who joined the church in 2002. The Compass Ministry (children), the D’Anchor Ministry (youths), the Young Adult Ministry, the Adult Ministry, and the Evergreen Ministry are just a few of the ministries that SKMC presently offers that cater to different age groups (seniors).

Ministry to Young Adults

We want to become students of Christ and a transformed community that takes part in making disciples, both of whom empowered by the Holy Spirit. To accomplish God’s purpose of salvation and world restoration, we hope that by doing this, each young adult will take one step closer to Christ.

A Youth Ministry in D’Anchor

Join our D’Anchor Ministry if you are a young person between the ages of 13 and 19! Our mission is to reach and disciple young people for Christ so that they can impact their neighbourhood through the local church.

Evangelical Care

Sometimes it seems like life is a battle. There are times when nothing makes like there are more bad times than good, whether at work or in your own space. We are here for you whether you feel like you are having a hard time or even if you need someone to chat.

Particular Needs

Ohana means family, and family means that no one is ever forgotten or left behind. Ohana Ministry wants to see our church develop into a compassionate and welcoming community where people with disabilities, their carers, and families given the freedom fully engage as valuable community members. Volunteers may make that everything is ready for your child to arrive.


Home Valuation

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