Sengkang MRT

by | Jun 7, 2022

Sengkang MRT

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More To Learn About The Sengkang MRT

Sengkang MRT/LRT station is an interchange station for the MRT and Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Sengkang, Singapore. It serves as a connection between the NEL and the Sengkang LRT (SKLRT). Sengkang MRT is one of two MRT stations inside the Sengkang planning region with Buangkok station. The LRT station and other East loop stations on the SKLRT opened on January 18, 2003, with the NEL station following on June 20, 2003. On January 29, 2005, service on the West loop commenced. The station is undergoing upgrades to make it more accessible to people with disabilities. Between Sengkang Square and Sengkang East Way, in Sengkang Town Centre.

sengkang mrt station

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Sengkang MRT/LRT Station (NE16/STC) is a North East Line (NEL) station that also serves as an interchange station for the Sengkang LRT (SKLRT).

About Sengkang MRT

The name Sengkang comes from a previous road in the area called Lorong Sengkang, which means “prosperous harbour” in Chinese. The station serves as a transportation hub for Sengkang residents, with SKLRT and other bus services providing a direct link between Sengkang NEL station and their homes. The station building connected to the nearby Compass One mall, Compass Heights condominiums, and Sengkang Bus Interchange provides bus services to various sections of the estate. ‘Sengkang Town Centre’ is abbreviated as ‘STC’ on the LRT system.


The station was created to service the Sengkang New Town developed as part of a government plan to turn the Sengkang area into a fully developed housing estate. On April 26, 1997, Sato Kogyo-Hock Lian Seng Engineering Joint Venture was granted Contract 702 for the building of Sengkang and Buangkok stations connecting tunnels (including connecting tunnels to Sengkang Depot).

When the East loop of the Sengkang LRT (SKLRT) began service on January 18, 2003, the elevated LRT station opened. The platforms the underground North-East line opened on June 20 of that year. When several stations on the SKLRT’s West loop opened on January 29, 2005, the station began serving the loop. The overhead pedestrian bridge near Sengkang and other stations has lifts constructed to promote barrier-free accessibility to significant transport hubs and improve public transportation accessibility. In 2013, they gradually installed. Sengkang station was also the first of ten stations to receive new bicycle parking facilities in the 2010 National Cycling Plan.


sengkang mrt


Sengkang LRT station is an overground station with two island platforms used by East and West loop services. East and West LRT services are staggered one after the other and run throughout the day. LRT Routes A and D depart from Platform 1 for the Outer West Loop and Inner East Loop, respectively, via Renjong and Ranggung. LRT Routes B and C depart from Platform 2 for the Inner West Loop and Outer East Loop, respectively, via Cheng Lim and Compassvale.

Passenger Information Systems, which LED displays positioned at each platform, show the next or current train’s itinerary scroll through messages, while an analogue clock shows the time. Sengkang North East Line station has two platforms in an island platform configuration, with trains running in both directions using both platforms. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the environment by full-height Platform screen doors, which improve commuter safety and station comfort.


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