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Serangoon Bus Interchange

Serangoon Bus Interchange Boarding

More To Know About Serangoon Bus Interchange

Serangoon Central is home to Serangoon Bus Interchange, an Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that provides service to Serangoon, Kovan, and Serangoon Gardens’ surrounding residential districts. The interchange is a part of the Nex shopping centre and has a direct connection to Serangoon MRT station, is Singapore’s fifth air-conditioned bus interchange. The Braddell Heights Community Hub, Braddell Heights CC, and Serangoon Stadium are nearby public amenities.

Serangoon Bus Interchanges anchor operator at the moment is SBS Transit. The future operator of the Serangoon – Eunos Bus Package will take over as the anchor operator of this interchange with implementation of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM).


On March 13, 1988, the first bus interchange along Serangoon Central inaugurated. A temporary bus terminus along Serangoon Avenue 3 and the congested Serangoon Gardens Bus Intersection by this interchange. The compound was beneath a multi-story parking structure called Block 264, which had sawtooth berths (with a bus park) on the western side and end-on berths on the eastern side in Serangoon Bus Interchange

Due to traffic on Serangoon Avenue 2, parking issues, and a number people inside the shopping mall, the previous bus interchange was still in use on November 25, 2010, when the shopping mall next opened. Three sawtooth boarding berths and one linear alighting berth included in the passenger concourse (with space for two buses). Serangoon Avenue 2 may reach via a single pedestrian entry area of the Nex shopping mall via additional entrances and exits within the interchange.

The Interchange:

The interchange is a transportation hub for commuters travelling into and out of the city, providing easy connections between the rail network and the many bus routes. It connects with Serangoon MRT station along the North East MRT Line and the Circle MRT Line. Serangoon Bus Interchange was inaugurated in September 2011 and is Singapore’s fourth Integrated Transport Hub (ITH).


The interchange became the fifth bus interchange to be air conditioned when it moved to a new, air-conditioned facility along Serangoon Avenue 2 that merged with the shopping centre nex and the Serangoon MRT station on September 3, 2011. In contrast to past air-conditioned bus interchanges, the new facility was the first to have glass walls facing the bus bays instead of cement ones, allowing commuters to see buses pulling off. Bus Services 81 and 82 were modified to loop at Serangoon Central instead of terminating at the interchange due to space restrictions.

The bus services

There have historically been four feeder services in Serangoon: routes 312, 315, 317, and 318. In 1992, Service 312, which ran between Upper Serangoon Rad and Serangoon Avenue 3, was discontinued. In 1989, Service 318 and Service 315 combined, then quit. Services 315 and 317 are still available today. Bus lines underwent numerous alterations result of the transition to the new Serangoon Interchange. Two current services, 81 and 82, were modified to loop at Serangoon Central from Tampines and Punggol Interchange, respectively, as the small bus interchange could not accommodate too many buses. Services 100, 101, 103, 105, 109, 158, 315, and 317 relocated to the new bus interchange.

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