A little bit about the Developer of Seraya Residence

TEE Land

TEE Land is a boutique property developer. They have always focused on good quality developments.

They are also developing projects like Lattice One and 35 Gilstead which again focuses on the sole objectives of houses that are “Designed for Living”.

It is very evident from their previous projects that they actually put a lot of thought in the whole process of developing their projects. That is the sole reason for all their projects being a hit as they focus on the owners’ needs and demands.

The current CEO of TEE Land is Jonathan Phua who has almost completed 30 successful projects in Singapore and the nearby region.

Their main aim is to build a brand for themselves which is recognised with quality development with a strategic focus of developing less than 100 units on every site. TEE Land always chooses sites that are free hold within landed housing enclaves.

The developers believe in choosing their project sites in such a way that all the necessary amenities are within a reach for their buyer.

They take care of the transport and commuting the most. With that, they make sure that the malls, shopping centres and supermarkets are also available in the nearby localities. TEE Land also makes sure that there are enough schools around for their buyers who have kids.

Also, they have a targeted buyer aim for each project. Thus, each project is developed with that aim in mind.

TEE Land’s team also focuses on all the top housing trends with each of their project. They believe in upgrading the facilities that they provide with their houses. They think that this helps them attract even the young buyers.

A lot of their projects are incorporated with smart technologies and so is Seraya Residence as well.

Also, people coming in to register for Seraya Residence can just register with a QR code. In this way, the developers have completely eliminated the long and tiresome procedures of physical sign in checks.

Residents who want to add extra amenities like a barbecue pit can simply register themselves on a seamless app than going and getting it done in person.

The whole idea behind developing such a system is that the developers want to have a complete paperless system. This is done for the convenience of the residents as this can help the do their tasks at any time. Plus it is a complete environmental friendly solution in less price.

Seraya Residence is completely aimed and designed from the residents’ point of view. For example, the developers have paid attention to decide things against a water feature so that it brings down maintenance costs. At the same time, they have made sure that the grounds are green but have also chosen plants that are easy to maintain.

Mr Phua feels that this is the reason for their wallet friendly houses which equally offers great value.

Seraya Residence also shows the architect’s efficient use of the space. TEE Land is also planning to give a king size bed in the master bedroom and a queen sized bed in the other rooms. It is said that they might give a TV console as well.

The developers can thus be trusted for their work as they are known for delivering meticulous work with details which helps in creating houses that completely match the modern day lifestyle.

The developer thinks in deep about their residents. They think about situation like what an individual will need after a long day at work and what exactly a person needs to kick off their stress.

That is the reason why Seraya Residence also has some pockets of space within the development itself. This helps the residents have their own moment of peace and solitude.

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