Floor Plan

you can also estimate the size of the bedrooms and bathrooms and the type of bed that fits inside a bedroom by checking out these floor plans

The complete site area of the Seraya Residence is covered in 2,236 square meter and is under the 99 year lease plan.


It is very evident from the Seraya Residence Floor plan that the houses will be huge as it exhibits a lot of space. It rotates around 50 different units.


Not all the units are built in exactly the same way because the Seraya Residence developer are planning to give their residents an option for 1 to 4 different bedrooms. This shelters are for people with various needs.


Seraya Residence can accommodate single professionals, couples and small family residents. Thus, each individual condo has a unique and different layout.


These different layouts give the residents a chance to live in a home which not only goes in sync with the lifestyle but also their personality.


The mix of the units is in the form of the master bedroom, study room, dining room, living room and three other bedrooms. The extra bedrooms depend on the particular condo layout.


The homes are aimed to be cosy and comfortable, living up to the expectations of an individual’s dream home.

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