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Shenton Way Bus Terminal

Shenton Way Bus Terminal Interior

What You Should Know About Shenton Way Bus Terminal

Shenton Way Bus Terminal is a bus terminal in Singapore, located along its namesake road, Shenton Way, in Downtown Core. The first iteration of the bus terminal opened on June 20, 1987. Since then, it has been moved twice to make room for other construction projects. Before moving to its current position along Shenton Way in 2017, the Shenton Way Bus Terminal gets previously relocated to Palmer Road in 2010.

About Terminal

The Central Business District (CBDShenton )’s Way Bus Terminal is a bus terminal surrounded by Palmer Road and Prince Edward Road and situated along Shenton Way. Before extending out to the heartlands, bus lines serving Shenton Way generally serve as their last destination at the terminal. Tanjong Pagar MRT Station on the East-West MRT Line is close by and is walkable. There is a single vehicular concourse area with angled bus parking lots at the Shenton Way Bus Terminal, and Palmer Road serves as both the vehicular entry and exit. 

The entrance for vehicles is on Shenton Way, while the exit is on Prince Edward Road. A sawtooth berth with space for two buses is available for boarding activities in the passenger concourse. Given the anticipated low level of passenger demand at the terminal, queue lines get not built. For those waiting to board a train, aluminum benches get installed.

How to Get to the Shenton Way Bus Station

The closest MRT stations offer transportation to Shenton Way Bus Terminal. The Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15) on the East-West MRT Line is the nearest, and it is only a 3-minute walk from there to the specified bus terminal.

Shenton Way Bus Terminal Parking 

Take the bus from the Downtown MRT line to the bus stop next to the MAS building, then proceed to the Shenton Way Bus Terminal by walking there. Alternatively, travelers can take a 12-minute walk via Shenton Way from the Downtown MRT station to the bus terminal, depending on their comfort and convenience.

Facilities in Shenton Way Bus Station

The facilities get also improved following the relocation of the Shenton Way Bus Terminal to a new location last year. The bus station currently features a single vehicular concourse space with slanted bus parking lots, a combined vehicular entrance, and an exit along Palmer Road. However, queuing lanes are not currently installed due to the terminal’s low passenger demand. Metal seats are available for public use in covered waiting areas at the Shenton Way Bus Terminal.

Other essential facilities provided at the Shenton Way Bus Terminal include restrooms, a canteen, first aid and nursing rooms, employee lounges, and phone charging outlets. There are bicycle parking spaces close to the port as well. There are a few information and guiding boards for first-timers to plan your route from the terminal. The provided bus departure timing screens are also available for travelers’ use.

Top features:

  • Metal benches in a covered waiting area
  • Washrooms
  • Canteen
  • Nurseries and first aid stations
  • Smartphone charging ports
  • Lounges for staff
  • Parking for bikes
  • Advisory boards for information
  • Timetables for bus departures

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