Si Ling Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Si Ling Primary School

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All You Need To Know About the Si Ling Primary School

Si Ling Primary School strives to instill in all pupils the importance of hard effort and doing their best work and play. It aims to foster the Si Ling Primary School spirit in all students, including solidarity, persistence, integrity, respect, care, innovation, and cooperation. School policies reflect intended educational goals and transform them into practical strategies that every kid may take in their quest for greatness.

Si Ling Primary School began a new chapter in its history on December 8, 2001, when it relocated to its current home at 61 Woodlands Ave 1. To make the change following the Ministry of Education’s PRIME program. The new structure, which has the best amenities and more room, presently houses 1,004 pupils. Equip the school to deal with today’s fast changes in education and the numerous difficulties with these innovative and enhanced facilities.

Rules and Regulation:

  • Singaporean students must sing the national song and take the oath. Students will take the oath while holding their right hands to their hearts.
  • Every kid has the right to learn in a safe, social setting.
  • Pupils are not permitted to leave the school grounds without permission during school hours.
  • Students are to be respectful to school personnel, guests, and classmates.
  • Bullying is frowned upon in the school, and there is a zero-tolerance policy. 
  • Male students should be well-groomed, clean-shaven, and free of facial hair.
  • All school activities must be completed on time by students.
  • Students are not permitted to own firearms. You may not additionally bring any weapon-like things that can or are to cause damage to others.
  • Students are to wear the school uniform, including athletic apparel, and no changes to the uniform or athletic attire are authorized.
  • Students must take responsibility for keeping classrooms and school facilities clean.
  • Students should be mindful of their surroundings and avoid risky actions.

Policy on Mobile Devices:

Students are not encouraged to bring mobile devices to school, but if they do, we want to teach them how to be responsible and savvy technology users.

The student must switch off and secure their mobile device. It is not to be used in class unless directed by the teacher or to communicate with supervisors if required.

Clothes and personal hygiene guidelines:

Jewelry, decorations, and accessories are not authorized. Contact lenses with tinted lenses are not permitted. Girls may only wear one set of simple, fundamental stud earrings (gold, silver, or black). Fingernails should be short, tidy, and unpainted.

The school has taken on the job of molding our pupils into valuable Singaporeans capable of finding their place in society over the years. It would not have been possible without the instructors’ dedication and the parents’ support.

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