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What You Gain From Siglap South Community Centre

An ideal resource for a neighbourhood is a community centre. The desire to help neighbours is at the core of any organisation, even if some are bigger than others or have more funding. They offer various services to assist the neighbourhood and its quality of life. One’s sense of ownership is enlarged beyond the confines of their physical residence thanks to the capacity to bring individuals of different ages and backgrounds together to share and care for a space. You can enrol in the many activities and events offered by the Siglap South Community Centre, one of the communities in Singapore.

Belly Dance – Elementary

Hip circles, hip slides, hula-hulas, reptile charms, hip shimmies, upper body isolations, hip twists, hip drops, changes, Egyptian walks, and pelvic lifts/drops will all get covered in the class. In addition, they will learn how to use cymbals and a veil.

Ballroom Modern (Adult) – Advanced 

The Ballroom Modern (Adult) Advanced course instructors at Siglap South Community Centre possess professional training credentials. It covers Waltz, Quick Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, and Viennese Waltz. Participants will learn to sway, spin, rise, descend and position their feet correctly.

Ballroom Latin (Children) – Elementary

Samba, Rumba, Pasodoble, and Jive are Latin dances found in ballrooms. One will get a greater appreciation for music and its rhythms and a more receptive, responsive, and encouraging interaction with others.

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Fun Gymnastics For Kids

Various physical abilities, including quickness, strength, flexibility, and durability, are used in gymnastics. Since it emphasises every muscle in your body, it varies from most sports. Learning gymnastics can also be a lot of fun because activities can get added to the practice sessions to liven up the instruction and foster teamwork among the participants.

Taijiquan (Chen Style)

Taijiquan is a traditional Chinese martial art that doubles as a fitness activity. There are several styles. The oldest Taiji system still in use today is Chen Style Taijiquan, from which all others derive. Taijiquan practice enhances the flow of qi (internal energy), which can shield the body from numerous diseases. Static and dynamic balance, movement synchronisation with Good physiological control, relaxation, and mental discipline are among the lessons that participants will acquire.

Beginner’s Pilates Matwork

Feel younger, more flexible, stronger, and more fit! To experience that wonderful feeling, put the eight Pilates methodology principles into practice, which you can do by studying through this program. As you use the Dyna band to work out, it will help you develop skills in fluid movement, focus, breathing, isolation, precision, centering, control, and routine.

Japanese flower bouquet

Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement technique, emphasises the beauty of simplicity. Participants will gain knowledge of the arranging method and its symbolic significance in nature.

Siglap South Community Centre

Adult Intermediate Ballroom Modern 

The instructors for this Intermediate Ballroom Modern (Adults) course hold professional training credentials. It consists of Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz, and Foxtrot. Participants will pick up footwork skills like swaying, rising and falling, alignment, turns, and foot placements.

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