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Everything Should Know About Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square, or SLS as it is more often known, is a sizable shopping centre in Singapore that provides a wide range of electronic products and services, including DVDs, cameras, phones, video cameras, and computer components and servicing.

Sim Lim Square, located at 1 Rochor Canal Road, is in the heart of Singapore, close to ideal landmarks with the Little India neighbourhood and one of the first HDB developments. 


Construction on the project, originally intended to be both an office and a shopping complex, started in 1983. The building transformed into an electronics and electrical products shopping centre in 1985, and many of the complex’s retail spaces get acquired by business owners from Sim Lim Tower. The building complex gets finished in January 1987.

Sim Lim Square Interior

Sim Lim Square, Singapore: Stores, Parking, Food, & Hours

The six-story mall gets crammed with businesses offering a wide range of electronics for sale and service. It’s one of the best locations to shop in Singapore if you want a great price on laptops, cell phones, computers, computer parts, webcams, thumb drives, storage options, digital cameras, and other electronic products.

You may buy various consumer electronics on levels 1 and 2, including LCD televisions, digital cameras, camcorders, sound systems, recording equipment, and office supplies. You can discover shops specializing in computers and gadgets on levels 3 to 6, along with repair centres and software stores.

It’s generally a good idea to compare shop and haggle pricing before deciding on your final buy. Visitors who shop here check the compatibility and voltage requirements of any items they buy at the mall before using them at home.

Sim Lim Square Shops

Top Stories in Sim Lim Square

Xtreme Solution – is a Level 2 gaming haven that offers every console and accessory imaginable for hungry gamers.

PC Themes – is a store for those just getting started with computers. It sells complete machines and PC components, and standard peripherals like keyboards and mice might not always be in stock.

Tradepac – is a store on Level 5 where various hardware supplies get sold. The prices are low and far lower than retail pricing elsewhere.

Best Bargain- this store, on Level 6, is user-friendly because it has a neatly printed notice with the prices just outside the door. For cheap computer accessories, this is unquestionably the place to go.

Media Mart- reaching Level 6 will give you access to this gaming-only store. Although it is not a large store, patrons get invited to browse and make their selection.

Sim Lim Square Store

How to Get to Sim Lim Square

MRT: You can get to Sim Lim Square from the Rochor MRT Station’s Exit A in only one minute on foot.

Bus: Board one of the following buses: 23, 48, 57, 66, 67, 170, 851, 960, or 980. Alight at the Rochor Canal Road bus stop. From the bus terminal, a short distance leads to the shopping and retail complex.

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