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Sims Place Bus Terminal

Sims Place Bus Terminal Departure

Use the Sims Place Bus Terminal to Travel to Singapore

Sims Place Bus Terminal is a roadside bus terminal in Singapore’s Geylang neighborhood. It is next to a market and several apartments, and Aljunied is the closest MRT station. The Sims Place Bus Terminal is one of the rare remaining examples of a 1970s terminal, a time when it was typical for stations to be constructed next to roads and have just a tiny booth where bus captains would report when they finished their duties.


Roadside terminals were widely used, particularly in the 1970s, before bus lines get combined to run to and from large interchanges. Sims Place Bus Terminal was no exception, and it opened on December 13, 1976, to coincide with the development of housing board apartments near Sims Place. The first services to use the terminal was Services 94 and 198, transferred from Jalan Kolam Ayer Bus Terminal. Service 20 later came into existence but was discontinued in 2000. Until Services 134 and 137 arrived in March 2016 and October 2017, Service 64 was the only service at the terminal between 2000 and 2016.


The development of housing board flats near Sims Place gets intended to be complemented by the establishment of Sims Place Bus Terminal, which began operations in 1976. Bus services to and from Sims Place Bus Terminal are made convenient by the availability of numerous basic amenities.

Sims Place Bus Terminal Parking

Buses park on the left side of the road while they wait for passengers at Sims Place Bus Terminal, a distinctive bus stop. The boarding and alighting area are covered, and there is enough seating and a directory board with bus numbers and routes available. The closest Block 49 Market & Hawker Centre has food stands and public bathrooms. Aljunied MRT Station and the HDB Sims Drive Branch Office are two additional local amenities.

Top Features:

  • MRT Station
  • Public toilets
  • Sheltered waiting area

Popular Bus Services

  • Bus Service 64
  • Bus Service 134
  • Bus Service 137

Sims Place Bus Terminal Facade 

Common Bus Routes

Bus from Sims Place Bus Terminal to Marine Terrace and Bus from Sims Place Bus Terminal to Upper East Coast are two frequently traveled routes from Sims Place Bus Terminal in Singapore.

How to Get to the Sims Place Bus Station

The fact that Sims Place Bus Terminal is a roadside bus stop makes it simple to access using the numerous Singaporean public transportation options. Due to its proximity to the main road, where customers can take taxis for a faster trip, it is also possible to locate the bus stop. In terms of train services, Aljunied Station is the closest MRT connection.

The website offers convenient and organized travel by providing bus schedules for the buses passing through Sims Place Bus Terminal. With frequent bus schedules to a range of destinations throughout Singapore, this straightforward and small bus terminal is ideal.

Numerous bus services with a wide range of timetables get offered by Sims Place Bus Terminal and travel to several sites. The convenience of scheduled and impromptu excursions to Singapore can now be made possible via a simple online bus ticket-buying platform with simple navigation.

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