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Our earliest classes were held in spacious colonial-style houses when we first opened our doors with only 105 pupils. The science lab was a garage; utility rooms for music and preschool, and meetings were in the dining room. The Singapore American School (SAS) evolved alongside Singapore. The school has always focused on building a lively learning environment that is student-centered, internationally oriented, engaging, active, and critical as it has developed over four sites. Our distinguishing traits have included the variety of courses provided, the caliber of leadership and professors, the organizations and activities available, the campus’s quality, and its general culture over time.

Singapore American School is one of the most prestigious American foreign schools. Our decades of excellent academic performance are vital to our families who value education and our kids who will write their own stories as SAS alumni.

Campus Description:

  • We have 36 acres of wide pathways, rich greenery, and space to roam. SAS is one of the world’s largest single-campus K12 institutions.
  • Our solar panels generate 1 MILLION kilowatt-hours of power each year.
  • We have an indoor climbing hall with air conditioning.
  • Our scientific programs employ 2 acres of the natural rainforest as a live laboratory.
  • The theater has 38 microphones and over 200 loudspeakers positioned on the walls and ceiling.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Community:

One of our best assets as a school is the variety of our community. This variety creates tremendous learning opportunities for our students and possibilities to build long-lasting friendships and relationships across cultures, ethnicities, and other facets of identity. Every kid should feel appreciated, cared for, and included at SAS. Differences in culture, background, talents, identity, and viewpoint should be acknowledged and appreciated. Racism and other forms of discrimination have no place in SAS. We will only be able to realize our objective of teaching excellent thinkers who are prepared for the future if we create a good atmosphere and an inclusive culture.


The pursuit of passion is encouraged at Singapore American School, where students learn to recognize and use a range of abilities that complement one another. We include a wide range of extracurricular activities.


Painting, playing, and performing are all part of the art program of the American School of Singapore. Our visual and performing arts programs are among the best and most well-known. SAS students have been exploring the world of visual and performing arts for 60 years, honing their talents and confidence while expanding their artistic habits.

Athletics: A Victorious Legacy:

Competitive sports at Singapore American School teach leadership, collaboration, winning and losing, and the simple thrill of competition. Our campus has a place for every athlete, with a wide range of sports and levels of play.

Activities: Various Situations:

Students at the American School of Singapore can explore their interests through a range of after-school groups in a friendly and stimulating environment. All extracurricular activities are run by instructors, providing them with additional opportunities to engage with students and help them academically, socially, and emotionally.

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