Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Singapore Chinese Girls' Primary School

Singapore Chinese Girls Primary School Logo

Amazing facts about Singapore Chinese Girls School

Here we create talented women with character and significance. It has been the Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School‘s goal since its foundation in 1899. Today, we provide a rich, balanced, and holistic education to help attain their full potential and have the values and competencies that contribute to the community in a fast-changing world. Raise every girl to be a Kim Gek (Hokkien for “Gold and Jade”), a beautiful jewel with the purity and suppleness of gold and the beauty and hardness of jade. We want our girls to live the school principles of Honesty, Courage, Generosity, and Service, both while they are with us and before they face numerous challenges and roles in life. 

Our Philosophy: 

Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School‘ educational philosophy is founded on an enormous conviction in a complete and balanced education based on timeless principles and rich heritage. We enrich the learning experience by including richness and active interaction. Our surroundings provide the warmth and support of a caring family. We teach each kid to develop their interests and talents so that they may be the best version of themselves. Each youngster is unique, and the riches uncovered are as one-of-a-kind as distinct pieces of gold and jade.

Vision Statement: 

To be a valuable contribution to the country by creating talented, character-driven women.

Mission Statement: 

To inspire and develop all students to realize their maximum potential at their speed and ambitions to prepare them for significant community roles. 

Values Statement: 

Instill in our pupils an enormous moral fiber, integrity, and the school values of honesty, courage, generosity, and service.


The school crest is jade and gold in hue. It expresses our objective for every SCGS girl to acquire the characteristics of a Kim Gek (“Gold” and “Jade” in Hokkien), a young woman who is the pride of her family because of the virtues she exemplifies. The yin-yang sign on the coat of arms is a classic Chinese symbol for balance, demonstrating how seemingly opposing elements may complement one another. Sincerity, Courage, Generosity, and Service are the school’s mottos. The School Crest represents the entire and balanced education that we give to Groom Kim Geeks, exemplifying the virtues of honesty, courage, kindness, and service.

Rules and regulations of the school:

The SCGS Discipline Framework is a component of the college’s overall Character and Leadership Education, which aims to help our students:

  1. Improve personal well-being by broadening self-focus and self-control capacities.
  2. widen one’s social focus and govern connections to improve one’s social well-being, and
  3. make accountable decisions and follow through on them.

These aspirations are from the inspiration by the Ministry of Education’s Social-Emotional Learning Guidelines. Expectations for our college students’ decorum are articulated within the following parts to extend self-control abilities and instill a sense of obligation to self and others within the campus and community.

Alumni Spotlight:

  • Jennie Chua, entrepreneur
  • Halimah Yacob, Singapore’s eighth president
  • Janice Koh, actress and former Member of Parliament nominee
  • Susan Lim, Surgeon General
  • Rui En is a singer and actor
  • Thio Liann, former Member of Parliament nominee and law professor. 

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