Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

by | Jun 26, 2022

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Singapore Chinese Girls School

Everything To Know About Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School is a private girls’ school located near the Stevens MRT station in Bukit Timah, Singapore. It is one of Singapore’s oldest institutions, established in 1899. It has a six-year primary school component – a four-year secondary school section was one of the first secondary schools in Singapore to be granted independent school status in 1989.

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School has worked with Eunoia Junior College on a six-year Integrated Program since 2013, allowing its secondary school students to attend Eunoia for Years 5 and 6 – and then return to their home school. After Year 6, take the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examinations.

Singapore Chinese Girls School Entrance


Since 2017, the junior college has – accepted IP students from SCGS, CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School, and Catholic High School as part of a Joint Integrated Programme (JIP). Eunoia Junior College will accept students with ‘O’ Level qualifications from other secondary schools in addition to IP pupils. After a two-year program, all Eunoia Junior College students will sit for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level test.

Talent Management

Our children, guided by Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model, participate in various learning activities, discover their passions, perfect their skills, and are challenged and encouraged to reach their massive potential. They go on their self-empowerment learning paths based on their interests.

Our students will have access to enriching learning experiences – to further develop their talent, whether in academic disciplines, the arts, sports, technology, or other skill area. So they can acquire the skills and dispositions of professionals in their chosen field through engagement in authentic tasks.

Singapore Chinese Girls School front

Development of Character and Leadership

Character development gets integrated into both academic and non-academic programs at the institution. Encouraging: 

  • whole-school involvement and 
  • engagement to develop strong moral fibre, 
  • sound values, and 
  • a feeling of responsibility for oneself and 
  • others in children. 

Students are motivated not just to develop character and serve. But also to influence people around them to make a difference in their areas of influence.


Through our inclusive and differentiated strategy, which spirals the development of intra, interpersonal, and leadership abilities and attitudes throughout our comprehensive 10-year education, every student gets groomed to be a world-ready Jinyu leader.

The three tracks that make up the Character and Leadership Development pillar are: Character education and entry-level leadership development get emphasised through numerous platforms in the general schoolwide program. The Emerging Leaders Track focuses on offering more leadership opportunities and training.

Singapore Chinese Girls School grounds

Education at a Global and National Level

Global and National Education are incorporated in various educational programs to guarantee that our Kim geeks – are prepared to prosper in an increasingly globalised world while getting anchored in their homeland.

We teach our students to appreciate the legacy and diversity of cultures and societies, as well as to critically analyse diverse points of view – so that they may work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Students have numerous opportunities to study current local and global concerns, comprehend the complexities of the world in – which they live, and contemplate their role in it.

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